Thursday, February 05, 2015

Failing is important

As I have failed so many times ... ever since I started to learn about trading, I have read many "successful" books ... this is a rare book I like very much ... each time I failed ... (I have to cut-loss FCPO which up 60points in morning, and I shorted it. It jumped 100plus points ... and luckily I cut-loss earlier!!)

That is small matter ... looking back on my failures ... and re-start and failed again, I think I m simply continue to move on ... work harder(hoping wiser?) and planning for my goals.

It could be very tiring ... it could be de-moralizing as we have to face ourselves that we have FAILED.

No one like failures ... no one!! As we are brought up to celebrate victories, winners take it all ... but how many successful people never fail?

Think of it ... power of taking risks, making mistakes and thinking big!!

This is simply not for everyone. In fact, only a minority will think of taking RISKS(like stop their comfortable job and get out to work on their ideas?) ... so afraid of making mistakes as we have been taught to DO IT RIGHT ... and scolded, be-littled, insulted ... when we were young each time we made mistakes??!

How on earth are we going to be experienced enough ... if we do not take the risk and make mistakes? And to think BIG ... that is the way we should be.

And we celebrate each time we FAIL.

Sound silly, right? That is me ... the stupid one, the contrarian. I do celebrate ... most of the time when I was down, when I failed ... hurt or ... simply made mistakes ... I will celebrate!

Well ... students are here, I do still have another class from 8pm to 10pm.


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