Saturday, February 21, 2015

DOW new high

That 18144.29 is a NEW HIGH for DOW ... hit yesterday!! We are in bull-running on Monday ... when many coming back to market after CNY long break.

As I said, I will be selling most when it hit 1830 resistance(200MA is a good level).

Then ... wait. Wait for that correction to come. If we have achieved our year target in 2 months, what should we do? Sit ... do nothing till opportunities arise.

I do just need to trade twice or three times for this year on. To maintain my profit(for the 2015 year) and seeing any sharp correction as an opportunity to BUY ... yes, just focus .. prepare and ready.

As I am no longer working (except still very busy with tuition classes in noon), I will use my non-trading morning to read ... chat with members, sharing. Guiding more newbies in my group ... and meeting some experienced traders!!

Besides ... I will prefer to slow-down, having more time with family. During my 6 yrs of struggling, I have to admit that I have ''neglected'' my family ... due to my work-rate ...I worked from morning to night, till midnight ... early in morning. It has been that as I have 4 jobs!! Today, I have given up my full-time teaching job ... and heard that the amount of paperwork increased!! Arghhh ... it is terrible to be employees ... but do we really have a choice?

I created my own choice ... so far, doing well.

It is almost 10am ... and I do still have classes 10.30am to 12 noon. Yes, every morning for a week ... having tuition classes as the student came back from Singapore(for CNY) and preparing for his exams. Since I m free at home ... come to my place, it is OK for me to teach.

I m a lazy person, and have to admit that. I m only liking to do things I like ... such as blogging now ... such as giving tuition later ... such as analyzing some charts (will want to write about KTB, AAX, HapSeng in later).

Have a nice weekend ... next week, back to normal crazy rushing days ... weeks ..


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