Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Bull Day : KLCI gapped up

Noon ... with DOW up 300 points, crude-oil rebounded above 50 ... so so ... KLCI gapped up! wow.

KLCI closed 23.50 points up. Yippeee ... sell?

This is a trading opportunity. I shorted FKLI in the morning ... covered it, great. Now, tuition classes from 2pm to 7pm. Will be busy teaching while taking peeps in some of my trades. Haha.

Bornoil (code 7036) : Someone asked me about her ... look good to me, for trading. BUY around 87-88, wait for 94 cents to sell. cut-loss if below 85.

Note : I do not trade Bornoil.

Takaso(code 7071) : I wrote about Takaso, instead. During my public talk last Sat, I shown them the pump-n-dump chart. We should not trade these if we are un-informed, no discipline ... no knowledge, no experience ... and pure greedy person.

Book Sharing : This Sunday night will be my third and last part of sharing of Wong Yee's book. All are invited and welcomed.


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