Friday, February 06, 2015

Book Reading and Sharing

This Sunday I will share through e-meeting, the third session of book-sharing (on our mistakes in trading/investing) ... the book by Wong Yee. Get a copy of it.

Note : I do not get any commission and do not know him in person. I just find the book GOOD to share.

Yes, I never read a whole book. NEVER. I seldom finish even 50% of a book ... in years!! It took me 3 years to read a book that I like VERY much ... more than 50%.

Example : Fear and Greed by Pauline Yong. I think I have chewed 80% of the contents after having it for 5 years?

Example : Azizi Ali's Millionaire in me ... err ... 6 years now, I think I have read about 60% of the book.

Example : Jesse Livermore's How to trade stocks ... one of my fav book. Covered about 80% for years?

I have bought hundreds of books ... for my pleasure reading. Haha ... and yes, I do like sitting there in quiet place ... reading FEW pages. That is!! Few pages of a book. Haha

One day, I will have a room ... for my personal library. All traders are welcome to read some of those books. I may want to create libraries for under-privileged kids too ... that is my goal.

Time for classes .. and tratles meeting tonight.


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