Friday, February 13, 2015

Be grateful

It is Friday noon ... as we are in the last weekend before CNY. I have not shop for clothes ... some decos ... and my home-fountain!!

I have muscle-pull this morning while playing with my girl. Then, I posted in my FB (haha) ... here is one good reply from an old friend of mine

CPTEH : Muscle pull : when i was playing with my gal this morning, i pulled my back muscle. Now, i could not move much ... and have to cancel one appointment and two tuition classes!! But ... i still want to find 3 positive things i should feel thankful today(later?)

Yes ... in daily basis, I will post 3 things I m grateful about. Normally, I could find more than three!!

Friend : Grateful that you had playtime with your love one at home when most of them most likely need to drive out for work and caught in the horrific traffic jam 2) thankful that you have no idiotic or less sympathetic senior to report to for emergency cases like today 3) it's only a muscle pull and that you can heal from it soon (time to get that stiff body of yours to a workout CP Teh )

Haha ... she is VERY right. That is why I m so thankful and being grateful everyday.

I do not need to rush to work like I used to for past 20 years ... teaching in colleges. Many rushing to work ... jammed and frustrated. You might be late and have to face some music from your bosses. And to call up, to take MC ... you might be said to be pretending? Well ... I seldom take MC during my 20years of teaching as I love my job. Today, I didn't take break as I love trading ... and watching for opportunities. It is challenging and the craze ... haha ... hope I would be heal in days as I will be baby-sitting my two kids, while my wife flying back to KK(to visit n take care of her ailing dad).

I have been to gym ... for past two weeks, also done some jogging/cycling. Perhaps, I overworked my old body?

Yes ... today, I m grateful that I still have an old-friend to remind me to be grateful. Only thru gratitude we could be happy.

Trades : Taken profit in AnnJoo ... moved to Barakah(1.08 ... I bought at 93cents recently but taken profits). Sold Tenaga 13.80 done too. Today is BULL day ... more seeing green. Perisai moved up another 10%, so many retailers jumped in(finally ... ini kali la. Why at 40-50 cents didn't buy ar?)

Ok ... I m going to conduct a short e-learning course on Candlestick reading and volume analysis. Those interested, contact me at

Lunch time ... will laze around as I have cancelled today's tuition. Maybe I could find some time to write about Dairi seorang suami?

Note : I am sad as Tok Guru passed away last night. I do have his biography. RIP.


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