Sunday, February 01, 2015

1st Public Talk

I had my sort-of first public talk yesterday!! Perhaps I did not promote it well. Perhaps of the long weekend oooor ... perhaps no one take note of my sharings?

Well ... managed to get 8 attendees. That is good for first public talk. I spoken about how I traded Hapseng and Hapseng-wa well ... sharing some simple ''secrets". Yes, my public talk is free ... and to promote the site ... visit me there!!

Hammer formed in Hapseng. I bought at RM3.73 level and added during closing at RM3.85. Many in my stock-watch group followed. I have sold HapSeng (RM4.38 and it closed RM4.41 now)

So, I am going to promote here my second public talk (e-mail me at ) next month. Perhaps I will talk a little about what it takes to be a trader . Watch the event I m going to create at

Education is an ASSET.  I do pay good money for my financial education. Recently, I subscribed to Robin Sharma's video and e-learning about LIVING and MOTIVATIONAL. Yes, paid ... and it is not cheap.

DO not be cheap ... those cheap mindset people will continue to be ... cheap.

I have moved out of my ''poverty'' level some 5 years ago ... I have changed in total my mentality and mindset about NORMAL people ... and moved a notch up. I have learnt to stay motivated, to focus in my trades ... to ignore noises and majority people around me who ... either losers or mediocre people doing normal things that we are being taught to do!!

I want to write about ... how I get out of being hugely in debt, how I lost so much to Mr Market and survived wiser ... I do want to share how I became a trader at newbies-level ... and how I struggled financially. I was there merely 5 years ago!!

So ... I might want to write a book!!

I need to get started with my first step ... draft!! Any opinions and comments about my venture into writing a book will be appreciated (e-mail to ) and I will take them positively.

Do join me in my second public talk after CNY.

Have a nice long break!


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