Saturday, February 28, 2015

20 Rules Followed by Professional Traders

Booking reliable profits in the financial markets is harder than it looks at first glance. In fact it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of all participants eventually wash out and take up safer hobbies. But the brokerage industry rarely publishes client failure rates, since they're concerned the truth might scare off new accounts, so the washout rate could be much higher.

TEH : Read the above ... the WHOLE media is telling you how easy to profit and earn money from stock-trading. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But again ... so many new ignorant REALLY believe so. If they telling you that 80% of them out there are losing money, will you move into stock-market in the first place? Now, many are talking about 100% they gained from those penny-stocks ... such as Wintoni, Eduspec, Ifca ... even, Sumatec and such.

Media ... remisiers/dealers ... investment banks  ... Bursa ...

Long-term profitability requires two interrelated skill sets. First, we need strategies that make more money than they lose. Second, those strategies must perform well while the market shape shifts through bull and bear impulses, with plenty of choppy periods in between. While many traders know how to make money in specific market conditions, like a strong uptrend, they fail in the long run because their strategies don't adapt to inevitable change.

TEH : This is consistency I m talking about with my trading-group. We want a system which work consistently ... reliable. Not those one moment up, next is down ... also don't know what is going on!!

So can you break away from the pack and join the professional minority with an approach that raises your odds for long term prosperity? Start with a clear and concise plan.

Now, internalize these 20 rules that long-time pros use to stay in the winner’s circle.

TEH : So many greedy newbies in market ... they will disappear in matter of time. Believe it, these are lazy people who wish to find sure-win tips.

1. Follow Your DisciplineDiscipline can’t be taught in a seminar or found in expensive trading software. Traders spend thousands of dollars trying to compensate for their lack of self-control but few realize that a long look in the mirror accomplishes the same task at a much cheaper price!

TEH : Simply put ... without discipline, NO ONE could be carried out.

2. Lose the crowdLong term profitability requires positioning ahead of or behind the crowd, but never in the crowd because that’s where predatory strategies target. Stay away from stock boards and chat rooms. This is serious business and everyone in those places has an ulterior motive.

TEH : Generally, be a contrarian. Do not do what others doing. 80% losers out there, in order to stand-out ... we need to move OUT of that loser-group. So, I do stay out of forums(i3, investlah, chartnexus, cari and such) and chat-rooms(FB, watsapp, telegram). I m only focusing in my own trades and communicating with my trading group. Nothing else, please. Of coz I do realize that only 20% of those reading this message agree and will do just that ...

3. Engage your trading plan - Update your trading plan weekly or monthly to include new ideas and eliminate bad ones. Go back and read the plan whenever you fall in a hole and are looking for a way to get out.

TEH : I do check my trading plan in daily basis but have a week-ly trading plan ahead. Then, I will analyse why I lose the trades (FEB score is 26-14 which is not as good).

17 rules to go ... might write in

To join my e-meeting (next Tuesday night ... free-la, ok?),




Slow and steady

Compound Interest

of 10%

RM10,000 --- RM11,000

RM11,000 --- RM12,100

RM12,100 --- RM13,310

RM13,310 --- RM14,641

RM14, 641 --- RM16,105.10

So ... after FIVE time-period, our RM10,000 becoming RM16,105 which is about 61% increase.

of 20%

RM10,000 --- RM12,000

RM12,000 --- RM14,400

RM14,400 --- RM15,840

RM15,840 --- RM19,008

RM19,008 --- RM22,809.6

So ... after FIVE time-period, our RM10,000 has doubled (more).

This is what I meant by being patient ... trade well, gain about 10-20% per year. In five years time, our capital will be doubled.

What if we could gain 50%?

RM10,000 --- RM15,000

RM15,000 --- RM22,500

RM22,500 --- RM33,750

RM33,750 --- RM50,625

RM50,625 --- RM75,937.5

There you are ... RM10,000 becoming RM76,000

Understanding compound interest is just a very basic about increasing our financial mindset. Then, we could understand why we should NOT buy using credit-card (and paying the minimum) ... and we should not put our money in banks(only 3% per annum).

Stock market is still a good place to invest-trade. But, majority are greedy and want to get-rich-quick ... by buying into Destini and such.

THINK and reflect for the weekend. Perhaps, time to change our strategies?

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Live below our means

Friday morning ... looking forward weekend again. Great.

KLCI at 1818 ... earning period. Presbhd ... up, next morning as report not good ... it gapped down to RM2 ... but closed strongly up ... today 2.30 ... zzz ... really Malaysia-boleh. Armada reported losses ... didn't gap-down pun. FGV shot up to RM3.90 plus before announce BAD reports ... it dived 12% the next day. Cool .... wait, I show u the FGV chart with RSI above 70 before it dived. So, if we buying ... believing it will give good reports, and it will fly ... err ... ask the operators first what they planned.

FGV dropping another 3% at the moment ... at RM2.50 support now. ouch.

AirAsia ... bad report too .... dropped to RM2.60 only, didn't dive to RM2.50 as I wanted her (from RM2.70)

So ... all those media and reports will mis-lead many of us retailers into believing them!! Haha.

Note : Never trust the media.

Ok ok .. this is a blah-blah blog. Let us find something to blah about ... for Friday's pleasure reading. Hmmm ... where am I?

Yes ... the magic word of FRUGAL.

I am no longer as frugal as I should be. In fact, I have upgraded many items since the last time I posted the items I do have at home. Lets put some updates and then ... to remind me to be frugal ... living below my means!!

Some of my ''lifestyle'' (haha)

1. TV : upgraded to 42" smart-tv from my 32''led-tv last year. When I came back to KL some 5 yrs ago, I was using my 21" Sony 20yrs-old TV. No more upgrade of TV for next 5 years? The curved-TV is nice, tho.

Guess : Which one is my bike? haha

2. Bike : No upgrades at all ... still a kapchai I used since I was back in KL. Second-hand RM3k. Thought of upgrading ... parked besides all bigger bikes yesterday. Shy only. Well, after this reminder post to be frugal, I wont upgrade in years to come. Tahan shyness.

3. Mobilephone : I was using my old-non-smart phone ... then, upgraded to Samsung-Wonder (RM1k back then 4 years ago). After 2 yrs plus, it lagged ... jammed. So, when Samsung note-3 launched months later, I grabbed Samsung-note 2. The phone is smarter than me ... and after 2 yrs, I think I still need another 2-3 yrs to know how to use the basic features. In other words, I m not smart enough for smartphone. Why bother to upgrade, right? Hope it could last me next 5 years?

4. Notebook : Yes, allowed myself to upgrade to new notebook(i7) ... as I do enjoy fast-pc. RM3k is a good-enough notebook. As for my home pc, it is still with me(re format) after 3 yrs, without upgrades. Didn't use much of home pc now ... only for my kids and wife usage. Will only upgrade again 1-2 years time.

5. Car : I am still driving my 5-yr old Proton .. recently service ... change here and there costing me few k. Upgraded my player. Nothing much. Hope my car could still stay strong to serve me for another 5 years!! Then, if possible ... Volvo XC60 will be my next upgrade?

Note : View taken from my home-office table.

6. Home : This is my largest upgrade for 2015. Shifted to new condo(from 920sq ft to 1240 sqft). As the new place needs some new items, I have upgraded washing-machine, fridge and such for my wife. When will be next upgrade? Err ... 5 years later? Lets plan.

7. Bicycle : Bought 4 bikes(2 adults, 2 kids) last year to cultivate cycling with family. Now ... zzz ... seldom. Sold off my bike(cut-loss), left 3 ... will keep this foldable one as I do still cycle if ...

8. Dining : This is something I need to remind myself to be FRUGAL. Stop feeding your taste bugs, stop increase the diameter of your belly .... !! But again ... nice dinner is something I looked forward to, when I m home ... during weekends, with my family. So ... I need to make a point to reduce in trying more of those delicious food ... the picture is OleOle-Bali, one of my fav restaurant at Empire (besides Serai). Arrghh ... I am hungry now.

Where else my money gone to?

9. Office : Upgrading my office as I m no longer working in college-office. I have one simple table at home. Another in my office!! Bought a sofa-bed ... to take a nap! Bought a book-shelf, need more items to make it cozy ... and hope to attract me to stay in office more (as I rather be lazying at home!)

10. Clothes/Shoes : I do not buy many shirts ... and my current shirts/pants should be able to last me for another 3yrs? I do bought some good shoes for exercise and kai-kai. Recently, due to emotion-driven needs, I bought an expensive ''clarks'' shoe ... heard that is it branded. Haha ... heck, I was drunk then ... now, anyone want to buy from me?

I do still think I m a frugal person ... but after reflecting from the above, I am no longer as frugal as I was some 3 yrs ago. So ... make it a Mac-2015 resolution : I WANT TO BE FRUGAL AGAIN.

Using money is a no-no. Stop doing that. Plan plan plan ... and reduce reduce reduce .... !!

Time to reflect and check on my expenses. No more upgrades needed for coming 3 years!! I have almost everything ... more than that ... from zero items 5 years ago when I was back to KL, ok?

Work work ...

off for early lunch.


Monday, February 23, 2015

7 Habits of the World's Richest People

e-mail from a friend(in i3)

Today at 2:25 AM : f or your reading pleasure Cp :) I see most of the things mentioned here are being practiced by u so you're definitely on your way if not already :) cheers

TEH : Well, thanks for sharing this article ... and let me reply it by putting my points ... I am ON THE WAY ... about 20% uphill task, bro. Haha

Are there habits wealthy people consistently practice that impact their success? Are there traits or strategies we can incorporate into our own day-to-day lives that can give us a better chance of financial success?

In his book, Rich Habits—The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, Tom Corley suggests there are. For five years he observed habits—which he defines as daily, unconscious practices— of 233 rich people and 128 people living in poverty. What he found were significant differences in the daily activities and attitudes of the two groups. Here are seven habits commonly practiced by the wealthy individuals he observed.

1. They’re persistent.

While we generally think of persistence as more of a personality trait, it’s certainly a habit that can be learned and practiced over time. When faced with adversity, wealthy individuals keep pushing through, knowing that success could be right around the corner. They’re persistent in all areas of their lives, not just when it comes to money-generating activities.

According to Corley, persistence is evident in everything that wealthy individuals do:

•67 percent were cognizant of and careful about how they spent their time; for instance, TV watching was limited to less than one hour per day.

•81 percent made a consistent effort to control their thoughts, feelings, and words. •80 percent had pursued a single goal for at least one year.

•88% read at least 30 minutes every day in order to increase their knowledge.

TEH : Due to 24-tight-hours per day, I do have to be very selective with what I am doing. Tho I may not have a full-time job, I do still use my morning for trading and learning the skills. I do read reports and articles on trading .. while chatting with my trading-group. So ... I do not watch TV at all ... I do not go to forums ... no time to argue or even time to know what-is-latest mobilephone, latest models of cars ... latest movies, gossips etc etc. I am so confined to myself ... I m more interested about real-living with my goals in mind. Yup, LIMITED time available ... making us appreciate every hour passed us by ... hours for giving tuition(and accumulate more bullets, waiting for that market crash or opportunities).

TIME is a commodity to me. Time to blog ... time to exercise. Time to be with my family. Time to guide and share with my trading group, time to meet relevant people ... time to structure my biz-plan, time to trade and improve my trading skills. TIME is too valuable. It is un-measureable.

I do control my thoughts, making sure only positive words staying there. I may not be good enough to control my emotion, but over the years, I have learnt how important it is to control our emotion in trading and problem-solving. Getting ourselves clouded by emotion is kinda stupid as we cant get things done, constructively. Ok  ... I score some points here as I have changed so much. I do need to control my words ... and again, I have done that quite well too.

Increase our knowledge in whatever we are doing is only LOGICAL. We could never excel in anything(trading too) if we didn't realize how much we need to learn ... re-learn and making ourselves aware of things we want to learn, what we want to learn, how long we spending time to learn ... and the knowledge just simply increase ... and we would be doing things with ease.

Trading is never easy(many advertisements telling us it is easy to earn money from trading ... use logical brain, you will know WHY they are saying so). It is constant learning ... improving ourselves and yes .... do READ.

Be persistence ... means, doing things ... day-in-day-out ... irrespective of situations, circumstances and despite difficulties(adversities). Against the flow ... being un-popular and not giving up due to pain.

2. They set attainable goals.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly setting goals for ourselves. Anytime we look to the future and think about what we’d like to have or do, we’re essentially setting a goal for ourselves:

"I want to become a recognized leader in my field."

"I need to bring in more money in order to meet my financial obligations."

"I want to take an expensive vacation with my family every year."

The problem with these goals, of course, is that they aren’t specific, and they aren’t necessarily realistic. For instance, if I’m working for minimum wage, going on an expensive holiday probably isn’t in the cards for me this year.

Corley found that wealthy individuals consistently set specific, attainable goals. These goals were realistic and had a specific set of actions that would need to be carried out in order to be met.

For instance, instead of saying, “I would like to earn $1 million this year,” a more realistic and specific goal might be: “I will bring in an additional $25,000 this year by increasing my production capacity.” Assuming it’s actually possible to increase production, this is a goal that can realistically be attained through careful planning and hard work.

Corley writes, “If you want your wish or dream to come true, you need to create goals around them, pursue those goals and achieve those goals. You need to break your wish or dream down into manageable tasks that you are able to perform. The accumulation, over time, of the completed goals will move you forward toward realizing your dream. You will still need outside help and outside influences, but luck has a way of finding the prepared and the persistent.” In other words, having a dream is great, but you need to set up smaller, more manageable goals to reach along the way. As you reach these smaller goals, you check them off your list and move ever closer to achieving your dream.

TEH : will write?

3. They find a career mentor.

This is a big one; in fact, 93 percent of wealthy individuals had a mentor who assisted them on their path to success. Finding a great mentor can be challenging, but the payoff can be huge. Condoleeza Rice stresses the importance of finding a mentor, but also gives a warning: “Search for role models you can look up to and people who take an interest in your career. But here’s an important warning: you don’t have to have mentors who look like you. Had I been waiting for a black, female Soviet specialist mentor, I would still be waiting. Most of my mentors have been old white men, because they were the ones who dominated my field.”

There are many reasons mentors are such an important support, but here are a few of the key ones:

•They help you avoid mistakes they themselves have already made.

•They inspire and motivate you to stay on task and keep working toward your goals.

•They connect you with people who can help you along the way (“It’s all in who you know”).

TEH : will write?

4. They are positive.

According to Corley’s observations, the wealthy individuals he observed generally had a positive outlook on life, were upbeat and happy, and were grateful for what they had. Some more specific findings were as follows:

•94 percent avoided gossiping

•98 percent believed in limitless possibilities and opportunities

•94 percent enjoyed their chosen career

•87 percent were happily married

•92 percent were happy with their level of health

He also found consistently negative attitudes and beliefs cropping up among the poor:

•85 percent were unhappy in their jobs or careers

•53 percent were unhappy in their marriage

•78 percent believed optimism wasn’t necessary in order to be successful

•77 percent believed lying was necessary to achieve success

Attitude matters, to be sure. While it seems a far stretch to say that simply being happy leads to wealth, maintaining a positive outlook and attitude certainly can’t hurt.

TEH : I do want to think I am a positive thinker (LOL) and upbeat ... tho I am lazy(suppose to go to gym today --- Monday morning!) . I am very grateful ... in many ways, in many things.

I will avoid gossiping. Yes ... limitless possibilities and opportunities if we hardworking and smart enough to search(go for it attitude). Of coz we have to enjoy whatever we are doing ... teaching is my passion ... doing Math questions was my hobby!! Trading is stimulating and newfound hobby for me ... and teaching trading is just natural, for me!! Passion in trading and teaching!! Happier marriage now as financial stress taken out of the equation ... something me and wife struggled for every dollar merely 5 years ago!! Health ... err ... I need to exercise la.

No doubt ... it is our attitude towards our own doings determining our altitude.

5. They educate themselves.

As mentioned above, 88 percent of wealthy individuals spent at least 30 minutes each day reading in order to expand their knowledge. In addition, 85 percent read two or more books per month on an ongoing basis.

Nonfiction books like biographies, self-help books, or materials related to their business or career were all popular choices. Wealthy individuals were able to translate what they learned into actionable information they could apply to their daily decisions. They made a habit of prioritizing self-education, and used what they learned to reach their goals and improve their lives.

TEH : I do not read fiction books ... anything UN-real is out of my system. Yes. I am fully into pointer #5 ... I do educate myself constantly ... for past 7-8 years!! Well ... everyone could too, if u have pointer #1 (persistence). Imagine ... without knowledge, without guidance ... and consistency, how are we going to excel in anything?

Taken from my personal journal, my notes.

6. They track their progress.

When you live off the cuff, without much thought as to what you’re doing, it’s nearly impossible to know what you need to change or do differently in order to succeed. For instance, if you don’t keep a monthly budget, it’s impossible to know how or where you can save money.

Corley found that wealthy individuals were almost obsessive about tracking and measuring in all areas of their lives:

•67 percent kept up-to-date to-do lists

•94 percent balanced their bank account each month

•57 percent counted the calories they consumed

•62 percent set goals and tracked whether or not they were on track to achieving them

Setting and attaining goals becomes far more difficult when you have no yardstick by which to measure your progress. To give yourself the best chance of success, keep yourself organized and track the progress you’re making toward your goals.

TEH : Yes ... we should track our progress ... even we are not doing well, fail or simply out-of-way(swayed) ... we need to detour and back to our path. Everyone of us knew very well ... what we want to do. If not, then ... write down a list. Make it cautious ... this is WHAT I WANT TO DO. Then, do it ... and check progress. THIS IS NOT WORKING WELL. Then, change it ... and re-define ... easier said than done. But, that is how I progressing in my trading for past 7 years now, and STILL learning, being a novice!!

7. They surround themselves with success-oriented people.

Wealthy individuals seem to intuitively understand the importance of being around other goal- and success-oriented people. They are intentional about nurturing these positive relationships, and they invest the time and energy necessary to help these relationships grow.

Corley writes, “Wealthy, successful people are very particular about who they associate with. Their goal is to develop relationships with other success-minded individuals. When they stumble onto someone who fits the bill, they then devote an enormous amount of their time and energy into building a strong relationship. They grow the relationship from a sapling into a redwood.

Relationships are the currency of the wealthy and successful.” His suggestion is to dedicate 30 minutes each day to nurturing such a relationship. This could mean being a sounding board, giving advice, or just generally being a helpful companion. As you build and nurture this relationship, that person is likely to reciprocate and become a trusted and valuable supporter.

TEH : This is a definite so-called secret of those rich people I got to know ... who worked their a*s off ... to be who they are today, a successful person in their own endeavours!! Simply put, surround ourselves with like-minded positive people. Those seeing success as their goal ... positively encouraging each other to move up a notch, recognizing obstacles and challenges ... while maintaining their composure.

I do make sure I do not go into public-forums or following majority the herds. To stand out and find our own identity, we need to move away from the crowds (afterall, how many % of crowd are successful, anyway? There is ONE boss, 10 employees, right?)

Yes ... I do use time to know those done well in trading ... I want to learn from them. I want to hear their stories ... experiences. Every knowledge shared is a treasure for me ... yes, I created my own surrounding.

I know I am just 20% of my success journey. But, I m one determined person ... if u read my blog since 2008 ... from ground-zero .... or started to read around 2012 .... doesn't matter. I will continue to write ... and showing progress. Tick me off if you find me being swayed away ... from being a good trading-trainer!! That is my goal for 2015-2017.

Time for lunch ... will continue, as I m free today.

Teach me to be successful ... the pointers. I will heed and learn. I will appreciate those shared with me, even indirect or little. NOTHING is too little to learn. NO ONE is too great not to learn.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Replying comment on the "replying comments" post

Replying to a hater ... see if we could be friend, one day.

chyokh : cpteh, what's the point of blogging when your writing creates so much unhappiness, scepticism and even anger among so many i3 members. You should try to make the world a better place not do the opposite. You should look at yourself deeply to see why you have so much negative comments from i3 members. Why? If you still cannot see it, please take a look at the top 10 percentage gain posted above. Can you beat them or do you always start shooting only when the war is over and claim credit for winning the war?

Hi ... whoever you are. Welcome to my blog at ... not in i3, ya. Or go to ... this morning, I posted on AAX.

You are definitely new reader. But, u do not read to learn or share. You are critical, I see.

Why I said you are new? Or are you real?

cpteh, what's the point of blogging when your writing creates so much unhappiness, skepticism and even anger among so many i3 members

Because my blog been around since 2008 Aug. I have blogged for 18 years now, even before existence of blogspot. I was using blogsome/Xanga ... and way before that was site in Canadian and/or yahoo. Dial-up then ... expensive hobby, indeed. Cybercafe is a luxury ... RM15 per hour to check Hotmail and it took you ... err ... you have to be patient to go online. Haha.

So ... you are new to my blog. Perhaps ... u r not. Anyway, you may move away ... so that you could find peace inside yourself. That is what I do ... I have known many bloggers personally, I may not agree with many of them ... I have read many blogs including Marina's or TDM's ...

So ... leave the pages we dislike or not suitable for us. Example : I left i3-forum 2yrs plus ago ... and only during CNY break now, I am free ... to read some noises there. Haha. Thanks.

So ... I am not writing to please you or any readers out there. Be angry ... be skeptical ... be insulting or what-have-you ... that is your right to be unhappy. You right to judge or criticize. I have not control of your words and I have no intention to retaliate (haha ... get a life, man).

So ... I will continue to blog in my own personal blog. After all, I do have few(20% of i3 members there?) who are following my writings and appreciate me? I personally knew many of them in my trading group who appreciate me. Again, you do not need to believe me ... your task to yourself is to find peace in yourself. After all, what is life with a peace mind? How do we trade without such peace and focus? I don't know ...

You should try to make the world a better place not do the opposite. You should look at yourself deeply to see why you have so much negative comments from i3 members. Why?

Who am I to make the world a better place when Obama or Najib could not? What I do ... is to make my inner surrounding a better place to stay ... happier by contributing to them, and help them when the needs arises. What I do is to share knowledge with my trading groups and those few who wish to learn. Believe me, it is not always the numbers ... it is the quality. I would rather teach ONE person rather than 100 un-intended persons. Get what I mean?

I do look at myself ... everyday. I do check-n-balance my life ... and making sure that I do not insult anyone, no negative words from me ... even at my baddest day. As I have followers in FB/Blog, I will put up strong front.

Recently, my dad-in-law turned deft due to his cancer ... I was sad and needing to console my wife. I said that in my facebook ... It was the day justice being murdered. I have not felt so down for some time ... it took me 4-5 hours to digest my sadness, and I sprung up being positive again!! Just like that!! And then ... Tok Guru passed away. Really sad week.

There will always be haters, those envy us ... those irritated with our actions and words. Those opposing to our opinons. Haha. Seriously, living in OUR own lives is very important ... to stay sane. Life is too short to show-off, making noises ... argue, quarrel , dispute ... to show who is right/wrong, who is the best ... etc etc. Leave me out ... I am a loner.

If you still cannot see it, please take a look at the top 10 percentage gain posted above. Can you beat them or do you always start shooting only when the war is over and claim credit for winning the war?

Seriously again ... I never compare myself to ANYONE I knew in trading-investing. We are all unique!! Only we know our risk-appetite, our time frame ... our laziness ... our weaknesses. Good if you have profited well from those nice n good i3 traders. Congrats. Do learn from them ... and learning takes time, ok?

So ... I have no intention to beat any of them. I am not in competition ... I prefer peace and win-win situation. I keep in touch with those around me, knew me and share ideas. Those 20 persons I recently thanked in my FB are those I m in touch with, and some ... I have not met them(will make the effort in 2015 ... to interview them, and share it here).

I m not in war ... haha. Guys ... calm it leh. Live so beautiful, why in war? Why la like those insulting la ... full with anger and being envious of others? Why la ... listen to Zig Z, Robin S, Tony R and such ... learn to think positive.

Then ... I went to search the comments you have written. I found it interesting. You have been tailing me .. using the posts to comment there. Sorry, I didn't read comments from there... perhaps u may send comments in my blog (not i3) or e-mail to ... or even add me in facebook and check there. Be sincere and real la ... if you are.

As I do share my trades "live" in my trading-group ... and I do not say I never lose(are you pulling my legs? ouch) ...

My scores for Feb : 21 - 10

21 wins  and 10 losses.

I took this picture the moment HapSeng-wa trade was done. The high was RM2.76, for your info. I have bought during the hammer formed, 120lots only. Currently it closed at RM2.26 ... and I do have intention to trade HapSeng and wa next week. Will you follow my trades? I am planning 100 lots for mommy, 200lots for baby. And it is shown ''live'' ... I m not interested to win war. trade together ... profit together, how is that? You tell me at what price to enter ... I will follow. Then, what price to sell ... I will follow too. Fair?

You many ask my trading groups. We do have losing trades as I am only human? Heck, I m only novice ... nothing to compare to majority out there, ok? But ... give me time to improve la, I will one day ... due to my persistence ... be a good trader too. Now, being 7 years in market ... and quit my job to learn short-term trading ... I am going for another trading course soon (RM3k fyi).

Teach me ... and I will learn(only if I wanted to) ... but I m selective who I m learning from. Forums full with noises, we cant learn from there. So, selectively ... I use i3 to read dividend announcements, quarter reports, selected broker reports and so ... rarely I will click on forums as it is very distracting with so many sifu/guru/forummers there. Leave me alone ...

here a song for you and all ... enjoy.

Alright ... enough of i3-forum comment replying. Back to my life ... bye i3-forum.

Welcome back to my blah-blah blog .... zzzz


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Replying comments

Johnny Cash : Wow mr teh this is a good article thanks

Klsestock : CP Teh u r lucky to have so many guru to teach u .U should learn from them how to give not just receive. U are charging people to learn from u.Y cant u share what u learn from those guru but charging people with the things u learn for other people for free!!!!

Icon8888 : Teh is trying to make a living. He has kids and family to take care of, just like u and me Give him a break

Teh always got whacked left right centre. When u think about it, the biggest "sin" he has committed is he is not super rich. If u r super rich, people will give u benefits of doubt, overlook all your flaws, defense you, wish you well and flatter you.

It happened in this forum too. People jumping out like a robot to defense certain Rich Uncle who went around boasting about his philanthropy and "noble intention to help others to make money"

Make me want to puke.

----------------------Reply to the comments ----------

Thanks, Johnny Cash ... will write more good articles, instead of my usual laundry-washing. Haha. I do still have 15 more to write about but ... but ... I am not sure now.

Klsestock : Hi ... you must be new to my blog. Welcome. By the way, I started from zero-knowledge. I believe many of us still remember the first year we are in market.

Think ... put yourself in my shoe. I lost a lot to learn. 70% of my initial capital.

Think ... I bought 100 books to read. I spent 4-6 hours per day. Daily.

Think ... I bought, without miss ... The Edge, subscribe to Icap and such ... for years.

Think ... I write this blog everyday since 2008 Aug, when I was learning for years ... in daily basis. go to ... search for AUG 2008 post... 1st post was 8th Aug. Without a miss in a single day, I wrote it here (NOT i3 ... i3 linked my blog there 3 yrs ago, fyi).

Think ... I created my LUCK. (CP Teh u r lucky to have so many guru to teach u)

So ... to explain to anyone, it will be difficult. What a Math lecturer like me work myself out of the maze of KLSE-trading.

To start with, Mr Ben Gan is a blogger ... do visit his blog and LISTEN to his wise words.

I selected my own guru to follow. I followed his writings for years now and still do. I m connected to him thru FB ... and now gladly know that he is there to advice me. He is a very wise and generous person. Do get to know him.

(U should learn from them how to give not just receive) ... ok, read my free blog ... did I teach anyone anything? Seriously, read from 2008 ... to 2015 now. THINK ... and be fair. Are you a real person? Then, add me in facebook. With few hundreds, I do not have time to reply to each and everyone ... I do still have tuition classes, my own trades and family to take care of. But, do know me personally ... and not to judge me, can?

(U are charging people to learn from u) ... while I have not met Mr Ben Gan, I do learn indirectly from reading his blog .. for few YEARS. Then, this post is to THANK him ... for indirectly writing his blog, and allowing me to learn from his wisdom. My blog is free too ... if you have learnt anything at all?

Mr Ridzuan is not free ... I paid for his one day workshop, fyi. I paid him to learn and to meet him in person!! I appreciate him ... and you may contact him to attend his workshop too.

Mr Khaw ... you may want to add him in facebook and be his client(he is a remisier, I am his client). He came for my workshop (cohort-5) ... to learn from me (RM400 back then) about indicators, charting. He is very experienced in KLSE but still paying money to learn. What are we ... newbies? I m humbled by his presence. He is kind enough to share many pointers to our tratles group. So, I m writing that post to thank him for personally sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Mr Alan Tan ... he is a writer ... an author of a book. He came to my trading workshop (cohort-6) and then, learnt some basics of technical charting ... then, he wrote a book on stock-market!!

I wrote that thank-you page ... to thank him for interviewed me and I m in his book. You may want to grab one? It is very informative and good book.

Andrew Chia ... an author too. I have whole set of his book ... so, indirectly he is my guru. I went all the way to his public talk for his signature!! I m still very honoured, to be able to meet him in person.

So ... will you attend my free public talk? Did you come for my free e-meeting which I organized recently? I will invite all to attend my next free e-meeting where I discuss in general points in trading, book sharing etc etc... more to come as I prefer to share/teach thru online.

How many times have I shared this link : click there ... like and notifications will be sent to you if I have any event/e-meeting.

You need to CREATE your own luck. You need to work as hard if you wish to learn. And learning is NOT cheap. Education is not cheap ... I m making it cheap(and they said I m too cheap ... cheap giving impression of not good?)

By the way ... I do believe in giving ... giving to those deserving ones. Teaching those who wish to teach, being mentors to many in my group! And using some of my proceeds to donate it away(organizing CNY charity drive now ... and planning for a center for under-privileged children). Giving is good .... as it makes me happy.

Do attend those courses ... see how much $$$ they are charging you. It is up to you.

Free learning? I have shared plentiful ... you were too new to my blog.

Icon8888 : Thanks for answering. Why am I kena whacked many time there? I m not even there in i3? hmm ... why poor teacher kena whacked and rich one not? Confusing ... and noisy in forums. I do not go to i3-forum for very long now ... so, sorry that I do not know ur nick ... but, heck ... since I m free, I will soon .. perhaps ... maybe ... one day, I might visit i3-forum again. Do continue to benefit i3-forums. Thanks.

Note : I have paid  RM10k or more to learn(courses(4), books(100), subscriptions(6), meeting hundreds of traders ...) not to mention 4-6 hours daily for 7 years so far.



DOW new high

That 18144.29 is a NEW HIGH for DOW ... hit yesterday!! We are in bull-running on Monday ... when many coming back to market after CNY long break.

As I said, I will be selling most when it hit 1830 resistance(200MA is a good level).

Then ... wait. Wait for that correction to come. If we have achieved our year target in 2 months, what should we do? Sit ... do nothing till opportunities arise.

I do just need to trade twice or three times for this year on. To maintain my profit(for the 2015 year) and seeing any sharp correction as an opportunity to BUY ... yes, just focus .. prepare and ready.

As I am no longer working (except still very busy with tuition classes in noon), I will use my non-trading morning to read ... chat with members, sharing. Guiding more newbies in my group ... and meeting some experienced traders!!

Besides ... I will prefer to slow-down, having more time with family. During my 6 yrs of struggling, I have to admit that I have ''neglected'' my family ... due to my work-rate ...I worked from morning to night, till midnight ... early in morning. It has been that as I have 4 jobs!! Today, I have given up my full-time teaching job ... and heard that the amount of paperwork increased!! Arghhh ... it is terrible to be employees ... but do we really have a choice?

I created my own choice ... so far, doing well.

It is almost 10am ... and I do still have classes 10.30am to 12 noon. Yes, every morning for a week ... having tuition classes as the student came back from Singapore(for CNY) and preparing for his exams. Since I m free at home ... come to my place, it is OK for me to teach.

I m a lazy person, and have to admit that. I m only liking to do things I like ... such as blogging now ... such as giving tuition later ... such as analyzing some charts (will want to write about KTB, AAX, HapSeng in later).

Have a nice weekend ... next week, back to normal crazy rushing days ... weeks ..


Friday, February 20, 2015

Those I learnt from ... TQ

Happy CNY.

To me, on such occasions ... I will be thankful.

So ... I listed 20 of them in my FB-list that I feel thankful ... owed them a special mention for helping me to understand stock-markets a little better, each day ... each month ... each year.

I was in KLSE since 2008(end of 2007) ... 7 years now in market!! As I started with zero-knowledge ... moved out of newbie-level after 5 years, and now in novice-level ... I appreciated many who have helped me, directly or indirectly ... in my trading adventure.

If you are reading this page/post ... find someone who have helped you much, and thank them.

Ok ... when I was in KLSE in 2008, market was tanking around Mac. 7 years ago. I was lost ... as I bought few stocks with my small capital(Jaks, LionDiv and Ranhill) and losing about 20-30% in Mac ... eventually sold with about 70% losses. ouch for a newbie.

Mr Ben Gan :

One of the first blog I read ... and I still do follow his writings. One of the wisest person in stock-market, experienced ... and very respectable. So, he is the fisrt in my TQ list. Thanks Mr Ben Gan for being unselfishly shared many of your wisdom ... wise advices that I do listened. It will be a privilege for me to meet you in person ... and hope my dream of meeting you in 2015 materialized.

I have a simple project this year ... to meet traders, get their opinions and lessons ... which I will share with readers here. They are the one teaching me many pointers, and I appreciate their sharings.

Mr Ridzuan : This is a long-time blogger I knew back in 2008-09. I was wet-in-the-ear back then ... and he is being such a nice person, to answer some of my stupid questions. As he traded FKLI/FCPO and writing in his blog back then, I followed closely tho I cant understand what he was talking about(back then). Haha ... finally, I met him last year ... in person, during one of his short workshop. I do like to learn from REAL trader ... those experienced and day-in-day-out checking on markets. He is a trader ... a respected remisier. Will like to find a day where I could have time to have a drink with him(on me, my pleasure). I cant find his blog-link anymore?

By the way, I do not trust those trading-trainers unless they are traders themselves. Those employed by companies ... they are trainer. Some of them do not even trade. We do not need to pay thousands to learn those indicators, chart-patterns, support-resistance .... just go to  or go to youtube(search informedtrades) , search on those clips. I have used many of my hours(in daily basis 2008-2011) in my first 4 years ... before I started to teach trading(it is trading system, not teaching those indicators blah blah) in 2012.

So ... by using my logic, I respected and learnt from real traders. Not anyone. I am selective as I want to protect my time ... mindset and learn to trade well.

Mr Khaw : He is a very experienced remisier, trader ... and came to my trading-workshop to learn some charting. His attitude to learn charting is admirable. Now a full-time trader after retirement ... I am still have such privilege to speak to him, sharing his vast experiences and knowledge. Finding a good mentor to learn from ... I do appreciate many of his sharings. Thanks, Khaw.

Mr Andrew Chia : An author ... and I have full set of all his books. One of his easy-writing book is the above. Buy one to read over the CNY holiday. I like these simple books, tho I have many more very comprehensive ones. Easy to understand and easy to apply trading ideas are the best. Glad that I m in touch with him thru FB and he is quite supportive of my posts. What an honour, I wish to meet him for a drink. I went to one of his public-talk ... and get my book signed by his, personally. That was 2012 ... Simply amazing.

Mr Alan Tan : He is a blogger ... an author. He wrote about how to earn money blogging(I should have read about that, instead of blogging for free and not even bother to expand my audience!!). He came to one of my trading workshop, to learn charting!! Then, we wrote a stock-market book months later!! I was featured in an interview ... asking me how I became a trader and what it takes to be a trader. Very informative book ... easy to read too. I always like local authors.

Those are 5 in my list ... 15 more to go(many more actually). Also, few more in i3-forum where I read about their sharing/posts. Those fantastic analysis ... trading ideas and extremely valuable piece of advices.

Overall, I will rate myself as a slow learner. It took me five long years(4-6 hours per day, daily basis) to be out of newbie-level. As sometimes .... someone called me ''sifu'' or ''guru'', I have to correct them ... and told them that I am a learner, still learning and will continue to learn. I am in novice level, and I reached a stage where I do quit my full-time job, in order to have more time to learn to be a good trader!! I will go to extend to meet these great people, and learn from them (I traveled to Ipoh to meet respectable Mr Koon, when he invited!)

I am slow ... but I m persistent. I will want to know more traders/investors alike. The only way of learning ... in my opinion, is being open-minded to listen. I do hope more traders alike will want to meet me, share with me their experiences(of losing money).

Thanks for helping me in my learning process. Will never forget my humble roots ... where I came from. Today, I may be conducting my simple trading workshop ... sharing with few how I trade, but I ma humbled by so many experienced traders around. Thanks for being around.

Note : Will find time to write more about many others.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

This picture is good-joke. Haha. Even choi-san needs to get money from ATM.

Sharing the clips done by my ex-colleague David Yap. Talented Bio-lecturer. Haha

CNY 2015

CNY 2014

CNY 2013

Well ... I have requested from David to include me as kali-fe ... but has been rejected for past 3 years now. Due to .... too old? LOL

Ok ... CNY 2016, I need to make sure I m in the clip ... dye my hair and hype-it-up. Haha

Happy New Year .... GOAT.

Note : Thanks to Tenaga, FGV and now GasMsia for good angpow for this year CNY.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Chinese New

Monday morning ... sent kids to school early, traffic flow is good this morning ... so, I m in office, working.

Later ... I will have an annual meeting with my partners. Interesting to know the developments.

Valentine Day is over ... lots of ''roses'' posts in my facebook feed. It is overly commercialized but ... well, we are all suckers, anyway. Haha.

Few more days ...

I have to be thankful that my muscle-pull is much better now. I simply bought plaster and kasi gam. haha.

I am in holiday mood ... tho some serious matter to discuss during meeting today.

I m preparing to offload most by end of FEB. With GST a month away, it is kinda scary ...

have a nice Monday ahead.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

On the radar : The week at a glance

It is Sunday night ... let me review The Edge's "One the radar" ... news in a week.

1MDB settles RM2b loan : Well ... news that AK paying la. One moment, Maybank stock dive ... next moment recovered. Hmm ...

Here the the chart of Maybank (code : 1155) ... the harimau-bank. Easy to trade ... low risk and use simple indicators to trade her. I have traded Maybank 3 times recently!!

Malaysia's GDP up 6% in 2014 : So ... we are growing and growing. Why would anyone think KLCI will collapse? I don't know ... Zeti assured us many of times, aren't we trust BNM? hmm ... appoints new CEO : COO turns CEO now ... from April. Good news for Digi stock holders?

Nice up trending Digi (code 6947) chart ... supported well by 50MA(blue line) about RM6.20. Err .... this chart is after split of 10 (so, it is RM64 at the moment) and ex-dividend. Those bought during 2008 crisis-crash, and still holding is profiting well!! Great investors!!

Kellee Kam resigns as RHB Cap MD : Why he resigns? Due to the CIMB-RHB-MBSB failed pack? Hmm ... anyway, I bought MBSB and recovering well now.

MBSB (code 1171) ... whoever chased when it gapped up, something is not right with the plan as it dived ... so, as a contrarian ... I m interested AFTER the huge gap-down. Simple common sense, and I told my trading group for the whole month ... that I like most MBSB at 2.10 level (after FGV rebounded so well). If one reads about the merger news ... and over-analysed, one may not benefit from the trade. Traders should take this opportunity ... to trade. Selling around RM2.33 level ... resistance and say ... TQ. Personally, I do not like the fundamental of MBSB (potential of high NPL) but ... heck, EPF is the strong holder!! Trade ... not buy to hold.

Nik Aziz dies : This is a very sad news ... as he is one of the few politicians I highly respected. Such a humble person.

Gas Malaysia net profit down 42% : 4 cents dividend declared. Now, lets us see how is the chart after this piece of news.

There ... GasMsia (code 5209) ... dropped like it is going to go bankrupt soon ... so, time for me to trade her, after exiting Tenaga.

Kinsteel to revive Gurun plant / Perwaja to revive Kemaman plant : No comment on how they goreng these two lousy stocks. Good luck. In fact, I took AnnJoo instead .. even that, I sold her off the next day!

Boardroom tussle at Tg Offshore : Some asked me about TgOff ... but I do not like to read news about tussles. How are we going to know what is actually happening inside, and what the conclusion would be? How long these could drag on? I don't know ... so, I will not trade her.

AmBank net profit stagnant : Sideway ... downtrending ... no trade for me.

Lower power tariff weighs on Tenaga shares : Market value shrinked by RM2.6 billion on Wednesday? Simply because of an announcement? Xiao meh ... I was glad for such a news when Tenaga dropped 7% or more ... I bought hugely!!

Tenaga(code 5347) ... dropped from RM15 to RM13 plus ... now, rebounding back to RM14. When will we have such an opportunity to buy HUGELY ... ?

Daim calls for transparency on 1MDB : Well ... so how now? They even quickly erasing off any data related to it? We shall see ... anyway, our MYR is the victim of this fund.

S&P maintains Malaysia's credit rating : That is a good news, for the time being. Till then ...

Malaysia IPI : Industrial production index rose 7.4% ... yet another good news to fuel the bull-rally.

Wan Zulkliflee is new PETRONAS CEO : effective from April 1st, the April's fool day.

Expose on Jho Low : None of my business.

Anwar jailed again : Most amazing news ... don't know how ... somehow Anwar likes to poke that young guy butts ... someone the super-sperms flying ... and somehow, the judges find it logical to jail Anwar 5 years  for poking someone's hole. Defying logic in bolehland. Haha.

So ... do you notice that I do read news for trading opportunities such as Tenaga? Do you see I m trading good stocks ... no need gogogo on Sumatec or KNM? Trading Maybank and not Nextgram?

I m doing well in my trades. The score for Feb so far is 16 - 9. Making sure the losses is small, I will want to clear off most stocks when KLCI hitting 1830.

e-mail me at : if you wish to join me.

Nightsss ...


Saturday, February 14, 2015

CNY is nearing

It is a V-day ... busy pat-toh with wife and two kids. Bought this willow ... finally place it up for CNY deco.

I have started my "3 things to be grateful" activity ... in daily basis, I will reflect on my day and feel grateful about 3 things!! Many of times, I have more than 3 things to be grateful about.

So ... today I m grateful that I m able to buy a nice willow(first time ... and always wanted to for years).

Just going to write here ... as an invitation to few loyal good readers, who wish to visit me for CNY. You are welcome to contact me :

Happy V-day.

wait ... share this nice talk.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Be grateful

It is Friday noon ... as we are in the last weekend before CNY. I have not shop for clothes ... some decos ... and my home-fountain!!

I have muscle-pull this morning while playing with my girl. Then, I posted in my FB (haha) ... here is one good reply from an old friend of mine

CPTEH : Muscle pull : when i was playing with my gal this morning, i pulled my back muscle. Now, i could not move much ... and have to cancel one appointment and two tuition classes!! But ... i still want to find 3 positive things i should feel thankful today(later?)

Yes ... in daily basis, I will post 3 things I m grateful about. Normally, I could find more than three!!

Friend : Grateful that you had playtime with your love one at home when most of them most likely need to drive out for work and caught in the horrific traffic jam 2) thankful that you have no idiotic or less sympathetic senior to report to for emergency cases like today 3) it's only a muscle pull and that you can heal from it soon (time to get that stiff body of yours to a workout CP Teh )

Haha ... she is VERY right. That is why I m so thankful and being grateful everyday.

I do not need to rush to work like I used to for past 20 years ... teaching in colleges. Many rushing to work ... jammed and frustrated. You might be late and have to face some music from your bosses. And to call up, to take MC ... you might be said to be pretending? Well ... I seldom take MC during my 20years of teaching as I love my job. Today, I didn't take break as I love trading ... and watching for opportunities. It is challenging and the craze ... haha ... hope I would be heal in days as I will be baby-sitting my two kids, while my wife flying back to KK(to visit n take care of her ailing dad).

I have been to gym ... for past two weeks, also done some jogging/cycling. Perhaps, I overworked my old body?

Yes ... today, I m grateful that I still have an old-friend to remind me to be grateful. Only thru gratitude we could be happy.

Trades : Taken profit in AnnJoo ... moved to Barakah(1.08 ... I bought at 93cents recently but taken profits). Sold Tenaga 13.80 done too. Today is BULL day ... more seeing green. Perisai moved up another 10%, so many retailers jumped in(finally ... ini kali la. Why at 40-50 cents didn't buy ar?)

Ok ... I m going to conduct a short e-learning course on Candlestick reading and volume analysis. Those interested, contact me at

Lunch time ... will laze around as I have cancelled today's tuition. Maybe I could find some time to write about Dairi seorang suami?

Note : I am sad as Tok Guru passed away last night. I do have his biography. RIP.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stock Watch : AnnJoo (code 6556)

Circulation : What do u do next in your trading?

TNB has announced a 2.25 sen/kwh reduction in electricity tariff for Mar15-Jun15.

Below is a list of impact on sectors and companies from a 1% cut in electricity tariff on a FULL YEAR basis (vs. only 4 months in TNB’s announcement):

Steel companies are bigger beneficiaries;

Ann Joo = +5.3% Choo Bee = +1.7% HTVB = +0.7% Tong Herr = +0.4% LM Cement = +1.25%

Rubber gloves = +0.14% to +0.18%

Healthcare = +0.35% for IHH and +0.5% for KPJ O&G = 0% to +0.3%

Plantation & Timber = no impact, as energy needs in estates and mills are self-generated.

Technology sector = +0.4% Telco = +0.1% Construction = +0.1%

Banks, consumer, media = no breakdown, but positive

REITs = savings are passed on


This was sent to me ... circulated this morning. Seeing AnnJoo there?

There u are ... the chart telling stories. So, I bought into her this morning.

Tenaga ... pulling KLCI down yesterday noon ... and this morning. Well ... thanks, Tenaga. I bought 13.40 and below. Last batch to sell RM13.88. At the moment, it is RM13.74

It is not the stocks. It is OUR decision ... our actions based on our experiences and taking it confidently. That is calculated risk.

I have changed my e-mail to if anyone wish to be in touch with me. I am organizing a CNY get-together.


Monday, February 09, 2015

Dairi Seorang Suami : Part II

It is Monday ... many rushed to work, jammed and busy with working. I am at home done some trading ... taken profit in TMCLife(sold 72) and Barakah (sold 1.07) for today's trades.

Monday noon ... almost 12pm. Lazying at home ...

There ... having grapes while drinking my fav choco-milk. The view at high floor is nice. Wait ... I take a picture ...

There ... nice view?

I was chatting with a blog-reader (a Malay) ... and he asked me if I profited RM1mil from trading Gamuda-wd. I have to search my post to him ... and certainly I do not bull-s*it such things ... that was one day when I went to a preview talk by a speaker(a remisier) and selling his software. He said he profited RM1mil plus from trading Gamuda-wd ... not me. I am still struggling to stay in top 20% winners in KLSE, earning a decent % per month will be great.

I am going to write and elaborate on the above post : Diari Seorang Suami. I think it is one of my best post for 2014 year. I have lost my flair of blogging so fluently as I write naturally, spontaneously ... and even teach trading without preparation! The e-meeting I conducted yesterday was natural ... and I do enjoy it.

So ... I do enjoy blogging ... teaching ... trading ... and sharing knowledge(from books).

Diari Seorang Suami

30hb , suami dapat gaji RM3,000.00 terus buat internet banking bayar bill air Rm30.00, bayar duit rumah Rm700.00 bayar duit kereta Rm700.00 , bil telephone suami dan isteri Rm200.00 , bill elektrik Rm170.00 , ansuran motor Rm150.00 dan yuran tuisyen anak Rm150.00 ..serta menukarkan Rm150.00 duit pecah seringgit-seringgit untuk belanja sekolah anak anak untuk sebulan...lalu berbekalkan duit baki Rm750.00 balik kerumah jemput isteri dari tempat kerja..terus di sambut ngan isteri satu soalan " ari ni hari gaji abang kan??..jom pergi beli barang dapur byk dah habis sambil bawak bebudak makan luarlah mlm ni sebab I tak laratlah nak masak ari ni... bebudak pun esok hari sabtu cutikan?" Suami mengangguk lemah terpaksa setuju demi anak dan isteri.

Sampai di rumah disambut pulak dengan anak yang bongsu " Ayah cikgu adik cakap hari isnin cikgu nak RM20.00 untuk beli baju sukan yg baru." Isteri spontan menyampuk " mintak kat ayah..ayah baru dapat gaji..sambil anak yg sulung pula mencelah .." ayah kakak pun nak duit Rm 30.00 hari Isnin untuk beli buku rujukan dah dekat nak peperiksaan ni"..Si suami terus mengeluarkan Rm50.00 untuk anak bongsu dan anak sulong ..

Kemudian bila selepas magrib berangkatlah anak beranak ke kedai untuk makan dan berbelanja barang dapur dan sebelum itu suami singgah isi minyak kereta Rm50.00 langsung ke kedai makan dan makanlah anak beranak tersebut dgn bil makan berjumlah Rm50.00..Setelah itu langsung pergi berbelanja barang dapur dgn jumlah Rm 250.00 untuk barang kering dan Rm 50.00 untuk barang basah..

setelah semuanya selesai pulanglah keluarga tersebut kerumah dengan suami hanya tinggal gaji yang baru dpat pagi tadi sebanyak Rm300.00 sahaja.Maka tidurlah si suami dengan mata yang terkebil kebil mengenangkan baki duit yg tinggal hanya dalam beberapa jam sahaja dapat gaji tadi..

Keesokannya, pagi Sabtu isteri suruh si suami belikan roti canai untuk sarapan pagi...suami pun pergilah beli dengan modal Rm5.00 dan surat khabar Rm1.50.. manakala menjelang petang si isteri dan anak anak ajak suami jalan jalan di pasar malam Jalan TAR sempena malam suami ikutkan jugak dlm keadaan dilema bagi menjaga hati isteri dan anak anak. Terpaksa tambahkan lagi minyak kereta sebanyak Rm30.00 ..

Sesampai di jalan TAR si isteri berkenan dengan tudung bawal berharga Rm15.00 mintak dibelikan..suami pun keluarkan duit bayar..kemudian bila ke depan sedikit bahagian pakaian kanak kanak pula nampak baju tidur anak anak yg berharga Rm15.00 sehelai..isteri pun selamba kata, "bang baju tidur bebudak ni pun dah lusuh..belikan diorg yg baru ni.murah jer Rm15.00 hingget"...Suami keluarkan lagi Rm30.00 untuk baju tidur anak anak.

Lalu terus pulang ke kereta untuk balik ke rumah bersama sama..tetapi dalan perjalanan nak pulang anak anak merengek dahaga dan lapar lalu minta singgah di kedai makan untuk makan malam...Sang ayah kesiankan dengan rengekan anak, singgahlah di kedai makan tomyam dan makan dengan membayar Rm30.00 lagi..Jumlah keseluruhan baki yg tinggal selepas 48jam dapat gaji ialah Rm188.50.

Keesokannya hari Ahad...isteri suruh pergi kedai pagi pagi untuk belikan santan dan sedikit ikan bilis untuk masak nasi lemak sebagai sarapan pagi...suami modalkan lagi Rm7.00 dan Rm1.50 untuk suratkhabar...tinggallah duit gaji genap Rm180.00..Malamnya pula beri pada isteri Rm150.00 untuk belanja makan dia di pejabat atas dasar nafkah kepada isteri tercinta...

Maka bermulalah pagi hari isnin si suami dgn berbekalkan modal baki gaji hari jumaat kelmarin sebanyak Rm30.00 untuk isi minyak motor dan makan di pejabat..serta menghitung hari lagi untuk ke 30hb yg akan datang samada sampai atau tidak??....selang seminggu selepas itu pada hujung minggu isteri ajak balik kampung melawat ibu ayah di kampung..suami katakan tidak.ada modal...lalu isteri menjawab dengan sinis "kalau ajak balik.kampung saya jer takder duit...kalau ajak balik kampung saya jer abang kata takde duit...mana pergi duit gaji abang selama ni....takkanlah seminggu gaji dah tak berduit...abang ada pompuan lain ke??" Terpinga pinga suami. Nak di jawab jadi perang...nak di ceritakan yang sebenar nanti disalahkan balik.

diperolehi dari FB Usamah Hishamuddin

This is the interesting post I shared last year May ... and now, as I have resigned from my fulltime job, shifted to a new place ... and doing trading at home, I will want to write about the part II (wait till I could find the mood?). Yes ... will like to continue to let others know reality ... how I struggled and NOTHING comes easy. If the person told you he profited RM1mil from trading Gamuda-wd, do not trust him. Do not trust anything too good to be true.

Lunch time ... going to sell Alam at 78cents (bought 72 this morning).

By 1pm .. I need to fetch my girl.

Will continue ...


Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday post

Morning ...

I do like Sundays. It is the day I blocked myself from classes and markets. It is family time ... and spending some time with myself reading.

This is O&G which I m watching.

CNY is around the corner. They are talking about CNY rally ... but I have sold many last Friday.

The score for FEB so far is 6 - 0. Great feeling.

I will show the trades tonight during e-meeting(book sharing 9.30pm).

click on :

Time for go to be with family rather than blogging.

Reading will be good ...

湯寶如 我和秋天有個約會# 作詞:向雪懷# 作曲:盧東尼## 難道這個季節總會使我思念# 曾是斷斷續續約會的秋天# 還是你已計算終於等我出現# 借點鬱鬱秋風送來葉一片# 這個秋天的約會永遠都美麗纏綿# 我已為你深情每天# 開始思想你最後變成熱戀# 愛情來到不留明天彷如曇花一現# 愛情離去秋來仍眷戀# 更多更詳盡歌詞 在# 不可停留的秋天不能忘的秋季# 我曾和你癡情不是偶然# 難道這個季節總有一串心願# 還未定下日後約會的秋天# 難道這個世界只有思憶不倦# 那些得不到的愛情未改變# 這個秋天的約會永遠都美麗纏綿# 我要為你保留每天# 怎麼開始了最後變成熱戀#


Friday, February 06, 2015

Book Reading and Sharing

This Sunday I will share through e-meeting, the third session of book-sharing (on our mistakes in trading/investing) ... the book by Wong Yee. Get a copy of it.

Note : I do not get any commission and do not know him in person. I just find the book GOOD to share.

Yes, I never read a whole book. NEVER. I seldom finish even 50% of a book ... in years!! It took me 3 years to read a book that I like VERY much ... more than 50%.

Example : Fear and Greed by Pauline Yong. I think I have chewed 80% of the contents after having it for 5 years?

Example : Azizi Ali's Millionaire in me ... err ... 6 years now, I think I have read about 60% of the book.

Example : Jesse Livermore's How to trade stocks ... one of my fav book. Covered about 80% for years?

I have bought hundreds of books ... for my pleasure reading. Haha ... and yes, I do like sitting there in quiet place ... reading FEW pages. That is!! Few pages of a book. Haha

One day, I will have a room ... for my personal library. All traders are welcome to read some of those books. I may want to create libraries for under-privileged kids too ... that is my goal.

Time for classes .. and tratles meeting tonight.


Thursday, February 05, 2015

Failing is important

As I have failed so many times ... ever since I started to learn about trading, I have read many "successful" books ... this is a rare book I like very much ... each time I failed ... (I have to cut-loss FCPO which up 60points in morning, and I shorted it. It jumped 100plus points ... and luckily I cut-loss earlier!!)

That is small matter ... looking back on my failures ... and re-start and failed again, I think I m simply continue to move on ... work harder(hoping wiser?) and planning for my goals.

It could be very tiring ... it could be de-moralizing as we have to face ourselves that we have FAILED.

No one like failures ... no one!! As we are brought up to celebrate victories, winners take it all ... but how many successful people never fail?

Think of it ... power of taking risks, making mistakes and thinking big!!

This is simply not for everyone. In fact, only a minority will think of taking RISKS(like stop their comfortable job and get out to work on their ideas?) ... so afraid of making mistakes as we have been taught to DO IT RIGHT ... and scolded, be-littled, insulted ... when we were young each time we made mistakes??!

How on earth are we going to be experienced enough ... if we do not take the risk and make mistakes? And to think BIG ... that is the way we should be.

And we celebrate each time we FAIL.

Sound silly, right? That is me ... the stupid one, the contrarian. I do celebrate ... most of the time when I was down, when I failed ... hurt or ... simply made mistakes ... I will celebrate!

Well ... students are here, I do still have another class from 8pm to 10pm.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Speculative : AsiaBio and Takaso

AsiaBio: One of the hot-stock for past one month .. today, as KLCI very bullish ... it dived. Even broken the support at 19cents.

Those TRAPPED in AsiaBio ... THINK again. WHY are you trapped inside? Do you know it is a speculative counter? Do you know the fundamental analysis? Do you think you can get-rich-quick in trading? Do you know what you are doing?

WHO asked you to buy into AsiaBio? THINK carefully ... will you trust him or her the next time? Once bitten, twice shy? No?

I am certain many greedy newbies stuck inside, many uncles-aunties bought into her by reading some rumours/tips ... and trapped inside.

Takaso : closed at 51.5cents ...

Understand the nature of speculative counters ... or else, one will continue to get burnt due to ignorance, arrogance and plain greedy.

Be careful ... who to trust. One thing for sure, retailers like these get-rich-quick counters, somehow.

Change that mindset .,.. and we continue to learn.



KLCI analysis

I will have a short e-meeting ... analysis on KLCI around 10pm.

To attend, go to

see you ... online.


Bull Day : KLCI gapped up

Noon ... with DOW up 300 points, crude-oil rebounded above 50 ... so so ... KLCI gapped up! wow.

KLCI closed 23.50 points up. Yippeee ... sell?

This is a trading opportunity. I shorted FKLI in the morning ... covered it, great. Now, tuition classes from 2pm to 7pm. Will be busy teaching while taking peeps in some of my trades. Haha.

Bornoil (code 7036) : Someone asked me about her ... look good to me, for trading. BUY around 87-88, wait for 94 cents to sell. cut-loss if below 85.

Note : I do not trade Bornoil.

Takaso(code 7071) : I wrote about Takaso, instead. During my public talk last Sat, I shown them the pump-n-dump chart. We should not trade these if we are un-informed, no discipline ... no knowledge, no experience ... and pure greedy person.

Book Sharing : This Sunday night will be my third and last part of sharing of Wong Yee's book. All are invited and welcomed.


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Harkwork vs Talent

Morning .. been listening to this clip the whole morning ... reminding myself to work harder to improve in my trading ... and teaching of trading! Yes, I will continue to improve ... and work hard on it.

While other guys sleeping ... I am working

While other guys eating ... I am working.

You might be longer in markets than me ... have more education than me. You might have strong backing from someone ... I will show that I m on par, if not ... better than anyone.

That is not egoistic ... it is pushing ourselves to be better than ourselves. Not comparing with others ... admiring those better than us and learning from them . Then ... work hard on it and continue to move on ... despite of the pain, criticism ... insults ... and along the way, we will do many mistakes and people started to talk bad about you, not realizing that is needed to move forward ... a notch ahead of most of around.

Be passionate ... or else don't other doing.

So ... I am pushing myself up, to be a good trading-trainer as I m trading very well, while still learning to be better.

Will you want to learn from a trader ... a real trader and grow from there OR ... do you just want to profit, believing in those advertisements and salesmen that they earn ... 30% in a trade, 100% in their portfolios(if they are THAT good, large banks will absorb them in .. paying them MILLIONS to be their fund managers!).

Working hard ... to improve myself.

Have a nice day


Monday, February 02, 2015

Trader Meetup : #3

Being a trader, I have got to know many other traders in KLSE/FKLI. While I have some few followers ... I have not put aside some time to meet them.

Yes, this is one of the ''project'' for 2015 .. to meet traders alike.

Today ... Bursa taking a rest. So, I m taking a rest at home ... so, I invited him to come to my new place.

I have started to come out with a simple set of questionnaires for whoever wants to meet up. It is for my personal survey and collection of opinions, especially from experienced traders.

Ok ... how much is the capital needed to be a trader?

Hmm ... RM50k at least?

How much do you profit in a day? A week? A month?

How many years of experiences before we could drop out full-time job and to be a trader(at home)?

What a newbie needs to learn ... to start with? FA? TA?

As we all knew, market is a VERY noisy place. With forums, facebook, advertisements by many so-called trading workshop/software (including myself ... haha!) ... newbies will be more confused than ever. Who should they trust?

As we discussed and talked (he has been in KLCI since 1995) ... we shared some opinions on trading systems ... and he shown me some apps to download(in Chinese) ... where it shown commodity charts etc etc.

It is great sharing ... as I m only 6 years in markets(intensity and extensively ... making me have depth in market trading) ... and listening to the very experienced trader, meeting me personally at my home.

I will write a little more about his idea ... well, his view for 2015 is VERY bearish. So, we both agreed that cut-loss in trading at current level is a MUST.

Got to go to fetch my gal and lunch.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

1st Public Talk

I had my sort-of first public talk yesterday!! Perhaps I did not promote it well. Perhaps of the long weekend oooor ... perhaps no one take note of my sharings?

Well ... managed to get 8 attendees. That is good for first public talk. I spoken about how I traded Hapseng and Hapseng-wa well ... sharing some simple ''secrets". Yes, my public talk is free ... and to promote the site ... visit me there!!

Hammer formed in Hapseng. I bought at RM3.73 level and added during closing at RM3.85. Many in my stock-watch group followed. I have sold HapSeng (RM4.38 and it closed RM4.41 now)

So, I am going to promote here my second public talk (e-mail me at ) next month. Perhaps I will talk a little about what it takes to be a trader . Watch the event I m going to create at

Education is an ASSET.  I do pay good money for my financial education. Recently, I subscribed to Robin Sharma's video and e-learning about LIVING and MOTIVATIONAL. Yes, paid ... and it is not cheap.

DO not be cheap ... those cheap mindset people will continue to be ... cheap.

I have moved out of my ''poverty'' level some 5 years ago ... I have changed in total my mentality and mindset about NORMAL people ... and moved a notch up. I have learnt to stay motivated, to focus in my trades ... to ignore noises and majority people around me who ... either losers or mediocre people doing normal things that we are being taught to do!!

I want to write about ... how I get out of being hugely in debt, how I lost so much to Mr Market and survived wiser ... I do want to share how I became a trader at newbies-level ... and how I struggled financially. I was there merely 5 years ago!!

So ... I might want to write a book!!

I need to get started with my first step ... draft!! Any opinions and comments about my venture into writing a book will be appreciated (e-mail to ) and I will take them positively.

Do join me in my second public talk after CNY.

Have a nice long break!