Monday, January 12, 2015

Working from home

Morning ... day  1 to school for my boy (std 3) and my girl(std 1). Great feeling for parents ... and as I am not working, I am able to be with them. :)

Photo : I taken this picture while writing this post, at home!

Monday morning ... rushing to work, as usual. As parents ... we rushing to send kids to school ... then to work. We have to wake up early before 6am, preparing them for breakfast and such, while we will be thinking of our tasks in office(8 am or 9am). So ... this morning, while driving my two kids to school ... I was thinking of my years of teaching in college!! I would be rushing for my 8am class ... I was doing that last year Jan!

Now ... I have the TIME to be with my kids ... seeing them attending classes, safely. Then ... back home, to check markets ... done some trades this morning. Now, writing my blog while listening to Eric's old CD ... wait, I search for the photo from internet and share it here? brb.

There you are ... phew. I can't read Chinese, cant type. So, I searched "Eric Moo : Ai Ching Kuei Lei" ... the name of the album!!

So ... this is how I relax ... having my choco-milk drink, listening to songs while blogging at home!! That is the beauty of not being employed!!

Now ... why was I being employed all these years, teaching A-level in colleges? Simple ... I need to have the salary(income) ... I need the payslip(to apply loans for car/house). I need security that every month I will have fixed amount of money to cover my expenses!! And most of the months, my expenses is higher than my income (RM4k plus last year when I left college).

Seriously ... we are all employed due to expenses that we have committed. IF ... and only IF we could reduce our expenses, way way below our means ... we could afford!! We do not need to be so stress to earn more money!!

Putting aside 10% for saving is a MUST for us to force ourselves to SAVE, for emergency and future needs. I have done that 9 years ago ... when I have my son (he is 9years old yesterday!!) .. by forcing myself to save in my wife's ASB (for bumi only, 6-7% interest).

This is a recent saving table I obtained from internet. So, I m going to force myself to save RM10 increment in weekly basis!! By end of the year, I am expecting of saving RM13, 780? Yes the policy of "Lama-lama jadi bukit".

So ... what does it takes to stay at home, trading?

Many traders dreaming of full-time trading ... at home(or anywhere). It was my goal some 6 years ago when I started trading too. What do I do? I plan ... plan ... learn ... learn ... and plan & learn. So, nothing comes easy ... I worked very hard(extreme) to save some capitals, invest in myself(time and money) to learn trading ... focus and learn. Repeating that ... I am a loner when it comes to trading, learning ... as I need to focus. I do not see the point to waste time in forums, waste time watching TV/movies ... and I have to invest TIME in myself. I spent money ... to learn. And continue to learn. If anyone telling you trading is easy, or earning money from trading is easy ... use some BRAIN to think. Some salesmen out there are VERY good in convincing others to join their trading course or buy their software. I have heard of such stories ... and more. It is up to us to learn ... if we do not want to learn(majority in KLSE DO NOT want to learn, they want to profit!! haha) ... no one could teach us. No one could guide as the motivation is not in us.

That is what I could say ... I focus in my learning, I traded thousands ... and few hundred counters before. I learnt from my mistakes ... and accepting the pain of cut-loss. I have been doing it since 3-4 years ago ... trading with the system I created, that suit  me! So, currently I m teaching others about how I trade!

Cohort-15 : Sat-Sun, I had a trading workshop. Great. One of my stock-watch member flew from Sabah(he is motivated to learn!!) and another 3 travelled from JB to attend. Great feeling to know these very motivated individuals who wish to learn! I strongly believe they could learn well. Well, I will be planning for cohort-16 soon ... for those interested, contact me.

Well ... lunch hour. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Time to fetch my girl, then to have tuition classes(will be teaching more and more tuition classes and trading workshop to accumulate funds)

Furniture : I hv been trading furniture-stocks lately due to the current rally. It is still very much in play, so ... I m still into them. As I hv just shifted in, I do need to buy few pieces of furniture. Which one will out-perform and best to ride on the rally? Homeriz? Hevea? Latitude? PoHuat? LiiHen? ... today, I m hearing about Evergreen(long time no see).

Off time ...


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