Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Wooden Heart

Latitude : I bought when breakout of 3.80 level ... grabbed at 3.83 and bought more during closing 3.90. Today it broken RM4, going into overbought position, which means ... I am selling soon.

Hevea : Broken the downtrend line two days ago, so I just grabbed. Bought more at 1.74-1.75 this morning. Will like to sell at 1.88 ... resistance.

Hevea-wb : Bought 99cents and RM1 this morning. Sold at RM1.04 too soon, it went to RM1.09. Well, too many trades going on ... such as MyEg too.

MyEg : Too fast ... breakout of 4.40 and I posted to my stock-watch group to buy. Managed to grab at RM4.40 ... but alas, sold too early again ... it went to RM4.70!!

Homeriz : Breakout of 95cents. BUY. Was a little late .. grabbed at 98-99cents. Will be selling too as it is overbought.

Well .. it is in play. Some in my trading group bought PoHuat and LiiHen too. I missed those.

Covered my short FKLI (at 1760) today and went long FKLI. If you do not believe again, ask my trading group!

My site : ... visit me there!!

cohort-15 : Last call for this Sat-Sun workshop. I will explain my trades in terms of technical and also show how we could(and should) plan before we trade!! Learn that now ... while it is still cheap!!

errr ... how is my marketing? improving, right? haha



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