Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday blah-blah

Robin Sharma : He is my current guru ... listening to him in frequent basis ... while I m making that bold steps to change!!

Today I m glad to have lunch with my bro/sis. We went to 1-U ... well, knowing that it is a crazily packed place, I went there around 10am!! Yes ... brought kids to their toy-shop while I m playing with Lego-block.

Nice food(but got lots MSG, I guess) ... small portion and not cheap. On my sis. haha.

Ok ... I need to go for my walk and dinner.

Later, I will have a public-talk .. I called it Book-Sharing(more and more to come ... join me there) where I will read a trading-investing book and explaining some of the pages, ideas and my own opinions or experiences.


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