Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stocks : MyEg and SKPetrol

MyEg : Bought last week ... ter-sold at RM2.58-2.59 this morning (to add to my score 21- 4 now). But, seeing the momentum ... I bought back. It hit 2.62 as I m writing at the moment.

SKPetrol : Bought last week too ... it shot up 6% yesterday ... and I sold at closing price RM2.64. I was queueing to sell at RM2.68 yesterday ... but it hit RM2.66 only(I think).

Last night, I do have e-meeting to my stock-watch members ... to explain about SKPetrol, why I like it when I dived from RM3 to RM2. Oil-price plummeted ... shariah-compliance issue ... and whatever bad news making me like it very much. So, it is a simple common sense to collect below RM2.50. Hitting 50MA yesterday ... and I am out. Thank you.

I will want to main focus in my own trades. Those following my ''live'' trades are in my stock-watch group. What I buy ... at what level. What I sell ... at what level. Then, I will explain during e-meeting.

Trade at own risk. Manage our risk, and we could trade well. Control that emotion. Increase the knowledge and experience. That is how I m improving myself ... being a trader at home.

e-meeting : Invitation to my next e-meeting this Sunday. Click at the link given (like the page, ya)

Have a nice day ahead.


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