Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday : post # 3020

Monday noon ... I just came to office, to do some tidying-up ... and having classes after lunch later.

On Sat ... I had a loooong meeting with some of potential biz-partners. It is still at initial stage of getting the idea to be fruitful ... and to implement it. Till then ... zzzz ... doing more of research on it.

We were talking about blogging!! Yeah ... tho I m a blogger, the way I blog is ... err ... very personalized. Very spontaneous and I do not even check the grandma or spelling. I just type what is in the mind ... as it flows! That is the best way of blogging ... from what I knew of.

Comparing with my blog and with many who written about 'stock-market' or 'finances' ... I m definitely in my own cocoon. Haha ... yes, I prefer it with my OWN way, irrespective how many have pointed it out to me ... how I should write, what I should not write ... err ... how to do some touch-up ... or what-have-you.

That is also why I m finding writing/blogging in kinda ... difficult. I need to be so-called more professional in the way I write? You mean, I cant be myself ...? I have tried not to be totally independent even in this blog, ok? I do not need to attract un-wanted donkeys(bad humans with bad intentions) and making the monkeys noises, get wat I mean?

So ... what am I going to write about?

My losses ... yes, who said I never lose in trades? I have done more mistakes than majority, lost more trades than many ... but, we need to make sure that we win more than we lose, right? During Oct-Dec ... when market coming down, I have to cut-loss in many of my trades as they triggered my cut-loss points. If a trader telling you he/she never lose a trade, do let me know ... as I wish to do an interview or a coverage on him/her. That is definitely one of the greater trader. I am just a novice, learning to minimize my mistakes ... but losing trades is inevitable.

To start with, perhaps I could say that I sold off many last Thu of my stocks. The score still at 18 - 4 ... where my losses were Fitters ... GenM ... Armada ... and one more(cant remember). Haha ... bought Fitters 63.5, sold 62.5 ... bought GenM 3.88, sold RM3.83 ... bought Armada 121 to anticipate breakout of current resistance ... only to sell at 1.20.

This is Fitters ... at 50MA resistance, nearing my target 70cents now. I sold her as I m doing short-trades, no intention to hold. Some of my members still holding, and I asked them to SELL around 68-70 cents level. We bought at 63cents level.

Ok ... on personal side, I have my curtains up. I have my Unifi up(BUY  : TM code 4863) too!! Next will be the dining-table. We went to shop for one in Courts yesterday ... I saw one just as what I wanted ... the price RM1550. Then, when we are about to pay, the sales-person said RM100 for transportation ... another RM150 for installation! Wow ... he never tells us about it when he keep talking about the items? Should have written there ... without transportation and without installation, right? We just said sorry ... we are not paying the hidden costs, and walked away. I have even told him that we should write there(small print?) that RM1550 is not including XYZ cost. sigh.

I will never buy things thru instalment by Courts. The interest rate is VERY high. If can't afford, do not bother to have it.

By the way, Courts was listed in KLSE when I was new to stock-market and not in market yet ... back in 2007. I remembered that. Then, they were de-listed!! What happened? I can't recall ...

GO google : Found this piece ...

Kindly be advised that the entire issued and paid-up share capital of COURTS will be removed from the Official List of Bursa Securities with effect from 9.00 a.m., Monday, 3 September 2007, pursuant to Paragraph 8.15(5) of the Listing Requirements.

Time for lunch.


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