Friday, January 23, 2015

KLCI back to 1800 level

A BULL DAY .... thanks ECB.

KLCI closed at 1800 for lunch. It hit my target 1808 this morning during bull charging. So ... as planned, short FKLI and sell stocks.

Supermax : Hitting 2.37 high .. whoever chasing in the morning must be played out by their emotion.

Do not chase stocks. Do not worry of missing the boats.

Scores : 36 - 5

Sold Hapseng ... sold Hapseng-wa. Finally I am out of HapSeng as I was heavy inside with mommy and baby. What a good trade that is.

Sold Karex ...

I bought Armada at 1.23 yesterday, sold 1.29 and 1.30 this morning done.

I bought MHB at 1.41 yesterday ... wanting to sell at 1.49, but it only hit 1.47. So, I sold 1.45-1.46.

Even PetDag moved up 4% today. Haha ... Cypark back to RM2, sold last week.

SKPetrol hitting 2.88 this morning is a strong sell to me. Some of my members still wanting more? Well .. buying below RM2.50, take profit today 2.88 nice number la. I said.

Do you all realize that more sifu-guru coming out these few days as market ''suddenly'' bullish and most oil-counters flying high? Think again ...

More noises in my chatbox too ... so, later I will check some forums. If the noises of ''huat ar'' is everywhere, time to release off my Hartalega too.

CIMBC50 breakout of 1.28 ... I bought when china-stock-index dived 7% that day(remember?). Today reaching 1.30 ... hold. If I m still promoting this ... and more retailers moving in, I will sell and ask my members to sell to them too.

This is an ETF ... it is not liquid. C = China. 50 is the number of companies. Read more from Bursa before buying.

Trade at own risk. Time to get out of market. Rest days ahead next week.

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