Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keep moving ...

Good morning ...

It is not easy to wake up 5am ... every morning. I have failed in most of my days in 2015 so far ... so, I think I need to get a group or few to be with me to ... DO IT.

It has been a busy week ... trading week too. I have taken many trades and done 10 trades so far. The score is 9 - 1 so far. Will try to keep the score and record it down ... as many in my stock-watch members could see my trades. Done another good one in Armada yesterday.

Armada : Bought in the morning at 1.12-1.13 and sold at 1.19-1.20. The chart showing 1.20 level is a SELL. That is a resistance.

Classes started too ... while shifting is going on! That is making me extremely busy ...

Tratles meeting last night at JanJi Temu. Many of them are still in my stock-watch group, and will maintain the friendships with many of them.

Cohort-15(trading workshop) will be today&tmr ... so, my afternoon will be fully occupied for this weekend. There will be someone travelling from JB and another from KK. Great as I m reaching out more from out-of Klang Valley.

Next week ... series of biz-meeting will start ... and my mind will be cracking on it, to focus in things in hand.

Getting busy is good ... but I am learning to balance. Letting go off my full-time job to have a little more time with family, tho entrepreneurs work harder and longer hours than employed.

Also getting busier with my tratles-site (facebook and blog) and

So ... my today's post is telling everyone to GET BUSY. Start doing something ... directing to our goals. Just do something ... rather than just talk-talk ...

It is 2015 now ... wake up early, listen to motivational clip ... READ good books/articles ... get to know those positive people, and yes ... get moving.

Time for me to prepare for my two tuition classes in the morning and then, conducting a trading-workshop later in the noon!

Have a nice BUSY weekend ahead.


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