Thursday, January 15, 2015

GenM and Genting

7.15 pm ... market closed. I am just back from dinner(alone) after classes. Now, waiting for next class (8pm to 10pm). Well ... that is my job at the moment, giving Math tuition and trading workshop.

I do work loooong hours. I think most people do. Just that I was a lazy person some 10 yrs ago, prefer to enjoy playing bowling, watching movie ... play online chess, play badminton ... ermm ... listening to songs and such. Oh yes, never miss Liverpool's games, of coz.

Today ... I will use my time to do my work .. planning for my goals. Today, I will not complaining about working ... as I m kinda enjoy the challenges. And I have sacrificed almost all the time-wasting activities. Work ... work ... work.

Someone just called me moments ago. She wants to join my stock-watch group. Wow ... seldom that I receive calls from anyone stating he/she wants to join my trading group. That initiative ... certainly showing determination?

Where am I?

GenM : Down-trending and next support seen around RM3.62 level. That will be a good entry for traders. Do plan.

Genting : The weekly chart showing ... into oversold region soon. I will like at RM8 level.

Tmr is Friday ... see if Genting and GenM could go to that low level ..

Ok .. almost 8pm now.

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