Sunday, January 04, 2015

Finding time

Good morning ... it is good to wake up early! Joining the 5am-club, it takes discipline and ... a great new-year challenge for me.

I have been very busy due to shifting house. I have wanted to help the banjir-victims but I could not ... so, I just donated some money to the tabung. That is the least we could do ... some great Malaysians used their holiday-time to help those victims. Great.

Then, KLSE traded day-1 last Friday ... and this week ... college re-opens. I will be busy again ... as my tuition classes will be in full again, as students rushing to finish their syllabus by end of Mac. Jan to May are my busiest months for tuition ... hope I could still find some time to blog here ... but I will definitely giving priority to my stock-watch group, and my new biz-venture(to be announced).

Finding time is becoming a challenge as we get ourselves involved in many things. So, I have to drop many other things I m dabbling in. I have to divide my time according to my priority.

1. Family : Time with my wife, kids ... and mom/aunty. My bro/sis too.

2. Biz : My existing tuition center and now, a new venture ...

3. Blogs : and this one, cpteh.blogspot

4. Trading groups : Stock-watch group and tratles-group.

5. Tuition : At center and personal.

6. Meet : Traders and Market-talk

7. Read : Entrepreneurship and Financial books/magz

8. Learn : Trading and public-speaking

9. zzzz

So, how am I going to find the time doing many things, juggling ... ?

I have sacrificed most of the so-called entertainment part of my lives since 8-years ago ... being 6th year in markets, there are more to learn. So, I have to focus in my learning to trade. I am in novice-level now ... so, I know I need to push myself to do better.

Scheduling and being discipline is another thing we need to do ... if we are lacking of time. I have to be aware of the time moving ... as I am typing these lines. I have to allocate the limited time to writing a post here ... tho I know I enjoy typing words here ... getting those words out of my mind, clearing some of the congestion up there.

No time for gossips(I do not ... at all) ... no time for empty-chat in chatbox/forums ... less time for non-positive human, block myself away from herd-mentality and doing things what matters. As we all have only 24-hours per day, it is not a choice. We have to protect our time and ... yes, MIND.

Waking up 5am is good ... exercise(walk, jog, cycling) ... plan for the day ... and read. To wake up in the morning, I have to be discipline to shut off my pc/notebook by 11pm ... spending some time to talk to my wife before sleep, or put my kids to bed. Or do some simple light reading ...

By 12am ... I will be zzzz

I used to waste TIME previously ... just like most of people around. I do not treasure time as I did today ... time becoming so precious that I becoming so selfish ... and not willing to waste it on something or someone which won't benefit in anyway ... to achieve my goals.

Time is a commodity. An expensive one.

If I am spending more than 2 hours with a particular person, then ... the person must be someone significant to me ... the topics of discussion must be related to things I m doing or towards my goals.

Yes ... I am busy ... I have prioritized. If things not in my priority-list, I will not spend any of my precious time on it. I do have life to live ... and I want to live it to the fullest, while achieving my goals. What is the point putting our resolutions every end of year ... and not accomplishing most of them?

Writing this blog is still in my priority list ... so, here I am writing about ''finding time'' ... my struggle. I m always on the move that I do enjoy ''slow'' time ... say, on the beach ... or lazying at home.

Somehow ... there is always urgency to do things. There are simply too many things to be done, always. But ... I learnt the skill of procrastination(haha) and while many considering that as non-productive, I see procrastination as an art to master!

Time management tips :

What will it be without a nice song to share?

Have a nice Sunday.


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