Sunday, January 18, 2015

Emulate the successful people

Morning ... cant think of a good title for my morning post at the moment.

School reopened after a week delay(due to banjir in many states). It is kinda of pain to see my girl being sent to a ''special school''. It pained me so much ... that I m determined to bring her out of the education system. But ... what are the alternatives for slow learners? They wont be able to fit in the normal education system ... so, for the time being, I will have to place her there while looking into options. Money is another issue ... normal average mid-income group father like me could not afford the international-school or those home-schooling. Well, if I could find one that might suit her, I will afford it. That will release some of the pain ... inside me.

On the brighter side, the nice new curtain is in! The new place is taking shape ... and perhaps, I will have an open-house for some friends for the CNY?

Listening to Buffett clip in the morning ... reminding me how such a great man he could be. Incredibly successful. Incredibly frugal and humble. Highest respect to him.

Here is a simple words ... of wisdom.

#3 : They stay happy. The don't waste energy on things they can't control.

This is very important ... especially if we are trading!

#6 : They celebrate other people's success. They don't resent that success.

Yes ... again, I have been very grateful to know many successful people ... admiring their success and asking on how I could emulate their footsteps. Listening to WBuffett's stories or even Mrs.B.

Mrs B : Google her ... and see what we all able-people have to RESPECT how she is running multi-million dollars biz!

Her motto : Sell cheap and tell the truth.

Yes ... as I m still a novice and learning to trade (score stands at 18 -4 now for 2015), I will want to sell my stock-watch cheap(will make it free for my pioneer members soon!) and trading workshop cheap ...while telling the truth about my failing trades, my failures in managing some funds and weaknesses. No such BS about how many millions a person gain, while still standing at night selling their few thousands trading-course, trading software. Salesmen could not tell truth ... yes, I m going to make my trading workshop free too(must donate to charity) in future.

That is called passion. My goal of seeing myself being a good trader, while helping many more out there(especially newbies) to understand the market ... a little better.

I have my highest respect for Warren Buffett. But, I m not him (hold forever) ... no one will be him. We could only learn few great lessons from him ... his words and his actions. He gave his fortune to charity, for you info (something I will emulate too). And highest respect to Mrs B ... selling cheap for thin profit-margin and strong working ethics. These are greatest of man and woman.

Time to move on ... have a nice weekend, and remember ... do not envy other people successes, emulate them!


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