Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Donate old story-books

I am going to initiate a mini-project : Collect used story-books and donate to primary schools and orphanages.

This is my girl's school ... the picture taken this morning, as I observed the students reading story-books!!

So ... I was thinking ... if only each of us ... could donate our used story-books or buy a new one(if your kids have grown up) .. donate to them!! Can we??

Here is the idea : Collection center ... SS15 Subang Jaya.

If you are staying in USJ/Subang Jaya area, I will personally collect from you ... or I will appreciate if one could go to SS15 to meet me there.

e-mail : and I will give you my hp number!!

How is that?

I will start with college students' (Taylor's, Inti and Sri KL) ... and hope I could collect enough to give away to schools ... and visit orphanages to give them those story-books!!

Anyone volunteer to help me?


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