Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bull Day : Time to SELL

It is 2pm plus now ... paused a while to write .. was busy cleaning my store-room and setting up my office into trading space! Yes, a place where those attended my trading workshop would be allowed to come to my office to trade together! This is another dream of mine ... years back! To have traders together and slowly to form a trader-club!!

CIMB is flying ... finally!! Great feeling to sell for good profits. RM5.90 now. haha.

TuneIns : My 12th victory for 2015 so far. Bought 1.53-1.54 last week, sold part 1.64 and all at 1.68. On the 29th, I bought 1.55 and sold 1.75 for day-trading. Some of those in my stock-watch followed. too. Great rebound.

This is posted to my stock-watch page on 5th Jan. I have one loss so far in my 12 - 1 score(Fitters sold 63.5).

All the other trades done with good profits. A good focus in my trades for 2015 so far. Need to maintain that!

Perhaps ... it is the new environment ... as I just shifted to very high floor. I could see the cloud ...

There ... is this my new view ... out of my trading table at home.

Yes .. the good environment will do great for my mind. Besides, I do wake up 5am ... to exercise and plan my trades!!

Hope more will do well in 2015 ... but, it will be very volatile. Make sure the trades are short-term as market is at risk. GST-la ... 1MDB issue la ... RHB-CIMB stories la ... you know la, Malaysia got many stories to cook.

enough said.


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