Thursday, January 22, 2015

BULL DAY is a SELL day?

It is noon now. Morning busy with trades and plumber came to fix a basin in my office!

e-mail : I have replied most of those e-mail to me ... but many do not even have the courtesy to reply me!! Many just disappear ... without a sound. Is that Malaysians culture?

Trades : HapSeng and its warrant are good trades. Sold some wa at 2.38-2.39 done today, keep the rest till reversal signals. Sold Supermax and FGV today. O&G counters moving today ... thanks to OPEC. haha.

check here :

As KLCI shot up yesterday and today ... hugely, I m in SELLING mode. We do not buy when stocks running up high, market sentiment is good. Well ... I prefer to be the contrarian. Your choice.

Being a contrarian, I like SKPetrol when it dropped below RM2.50 ... very nice as we collected around RM2.30. Today is RM2.80 ... heck, it is a SELL in my opinion. One moment it dived because of OIL PRICES down and SHARIAH stories ... today it shot up also due to similar news. Heck ... how now? buy?

I don't know ... what I do remind myself is 80% losers still out there. They are retailers. So, logically(which MOST 80% losers do not have ...) I will prefer to follow the 20%. They must have done something RIGHT ... and place them in winner-side. Yes ... besides knowledge and experiences, they are not doing what most losers will do(example : blaming their remisiers or anyone for their losses)

Next resistance for KLCI will be at 1800 level. I would rather short FKLI ... and SELL most of my stocks again if it really hitting 1800. Sit back ... relax and wait for CNY rally?

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