Monday, January 05, 2015


Morning ... Monday morning, many rushing to work again ... but school-going kids stay home for another week. That should give me some time to be with my kids, preparing them for new school-session.

Talking about gov-schooling system, as we all knew ... it is depleting and pathetic. Many of us parents are worry ... and those who could afford, sending their kids for home-schooling or international schools!! Yes ... I m considering that option once I could afford it, perhaps next year. It is a must to afford it these days ...

Last night I had an e-meeting about book-sharing. Yes, being a teacher .. I like to read stock-market books and to share ... to teach those concepts. I was using Wong Yee's book "99 lessons for profitable stock-trading", one of the good easy-reading book most of us should have!

I will be planning for next e-meeting in 2-3 weeks time, book-sharing is about reading a trading-book and explain my views or comments, thru online ... and free for those wish to learn. It is not stock-analysis. Stock analysis e-meeting will be on every Monday, and it is only for my stock-watch members.

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KLCI was in green ... but now, in red.

will write on what I have shared in my book-sharing session last night later. Need to do some chores.

Have a nice trading week ahead.


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