Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Sharing : Session 2

Morning ... FKLI down 12 points while KLCI down 3 points?

It is Monday morning ... kinda lazy after a nice weekend. And as I m not buying anything much, I m just waiting to sell off my CIMBC50 and Harta.

Put-warrants : Should we be buying put warrants if we think the index (FBMKLCI) or stocks will be moving lower?

Book Sharing : Session 2

page 20 #1 : buy b4 Jan to anticipate of good Jan rally

page 37 #2 : Check on oil prices

page 44 #3 : Market bullish, look for stock in consolidation mode

page 45 #4 : Buying high PE ratio?

page 63 #5 : What is a bull market?

Last night I had a book-sharing. Glad that many came to hear to my one hour of reading books, and showing to them some relevant stocks!!

Due to good response, I will have my third session of book-sharing(same book by Wong Yee), tentatively on 8th Feb.

It is almost 10am ... going to have a hair-cut, my usual Indian barber shop, of coz.

6.20pm : I am still in office, giving tuition. I have two classes on Monday ... starting 3pm. So, in the morning ... I am free.

My job is to check market for weekly planning ... had my hair-cut (RM13) at barber ... personally dyed my hair black(my uban) and then fetched my girl back from school.

Tonight e-meeting for my stock-watch group, explaining the selling and why I m expecting market to correct further this week.


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