Saturday, January 24, 2015

Be fearful when everyone is greedy?

Morning ... it is a weekend!!

KLCI hitting 100MA ... and resistance 1808. It was a selling spree day for me as I m moving out.

Hartalega : I do still have Harta which I bought at RM7.07 (30lots only) ... now closing at RM7.30. So, I will be selling at RM7.40 plus level, if permitted. I bought Supermax, Karex and Harta for rubber-play. Missed Wellcal tho.

Anyway .. it is still sell sell sell to me. Haha

HapSeng update : click here

Book-sharing : for those wish to join my book-sharing tmr night, do go to the link


or e-mail me at to get in touch.

Will have 3 tuition classes today, and will want to bring kids to blok-space later.

have a nice weekend.


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