Friday, January 02, 2015

1st trading day of 2015

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It is almost 2.30pm ...KLCI went down about 11points for first-half.

I just had two tuition classes, and waiting for the third one around 3pm.

10.45 pm : KLCI in red. But .. at one point, it was down 18 points .. then closed 8.48 points lower today ... for the first trading day.

GOB-wa : Listed today, closed 17 cents. It is silly to talk about the 3300% increase leh. Mommy GOB closed at 51cents. This is GOB (ex-Equine) ... a property-developer, not GAB.

KLK : It is a profit-taking time. I wrote openly in or as I m moving my stock-analysis there. Yes, buy call when at RM20, inverted hammer. Sell should be today.

Sendai : Those holding to IPO might have huge losses now, as it is at low level. I m posting this one as it is very interesting weekly chart.

e-meeting : every Monday 9.30pm ... those interested to join, to learn ... do join my trading group. I will explain my trades ... and well, Sendai will be discussed.



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