Thursday, January 29, 2015

e-meeting tonight

I will talk about KLCI and also plantation-sector tonight. Perhaps will look into O&G too.

see you tonight 10pm at


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Raise your standard

This is a very good clip to share.

I will want to write about it (later)

He was my motivational guru for past 2-3 years.

High respect and admiration.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wealth Mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people are so wealthy, even though they’re not any smarter or harder working than most other people are?

Seems unfair, right?

How did they get there? Do they have better connections? Did their parents give them money? Did they take out a huge loan and gamble on starting a business? Is it from illegal or shady activity?

While these situations may be true for some wealthy people, for the most part, getting wealthy is pretty simple. It comes from having the right “strategy.”

What is this secret strategy, you ask?

Diversified Investing + Small Deposits of Money + Time = Wealth

The above is one of the article I was reading just now .. while trading FGV.

Other days ... I will listen to youtube clips on motivation or wealth ... or trading. These are what I m doing in the morning, while trading!!

Time for lunch and going for tuition classes ... accumulating capitals.

Earn ... save ... invest.


RS : The reasons we dont achieve success




Simple rules of moving towards our goals ... successfully.

Great words


Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Sharing : Session 2

Morning ... FKLI down 12 points while KLCI down 3 points?

It is Monday morning ... kinda lazy after a nice weekend. And as I m not buying anything much, I m just waiting to sell off my CIMBC50 and Harta.

Put-warrants : Should we be buying put warrants if we think the index (FBMKLCI) or stocks will be moving lower?

Book Sharing : Session 2

page 20 #1 : buy b4 Jan to anticipate of good Jan rally

page 37 #2 : Check on oil prices

page 44 #3 : Market bullish, look for stock in consolidation mode

page 45 #4 : Buying high PE ratio?

page 63 #5 : What is a bull market?

Last night I had a book-sharing. Glad that many came to hear to my one hour of reading books, and showing to them some relevant stocks!!

Due to good response, I will have my third session of book-sharing(same book by Wong Yee), tentatively on 8th Feb.

It is almost 10am ... going to have a hair-cut, my usual Indian barber shop, of coz.

6.20pm : I am still in office, giving tuition. I have two classes on Monday ... starting 3pm. So, in the morning ... I am free.

My job is to check market for weekly planning ... had my hair-cut (RM13) at barber ... personally dyed my hair black(my uban) and then fetched my girl back from school.

Tonight e-meeting for my stock-watch group, explaining the selling and why I m expecting market to correct further this week.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday blah-blah

Robin Sharma : He is my current guru ... listening to him in frequent basis ... while I m making that bold steps to change!!

Today I m glad to have lunch with my bro/sis. We went to 1-U ... well, knowing that it is a crazily packed place, I went there around 10am!! Yes ... brought kids to their toy-shop while I m playing with Lego-block.

Nice food(but got lots MSG, I guess) ... small portion and not cheap. On my sis. haha.

Ok ... I need to go for my walk and dinner.

Later, I will have a public-talk .. I called it Book-Sharing(more and more to come ... join me there) where I will read a trading-investing book and explaining some of the pages, ideas and my own opinions or experiences.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Be fearful when everyone is greedy?

Morning ... it is a weekend!!

KLCI hitting 100MA ... and resistance 1808. It was a selling spree day for me as I m moving out.

Hartalega : I do still have Harta which I bought at RM7.07 (30lots only) ... now closing at RM7.30. So, I will be selling at RM7.40 plus level, if permitted. I bought Supermax, Karex and Harta for rubber-play. Missed Wellcal tho.

Anyway .. it is still sell sell sell to me. Haha

HapSeng update : click here

Book-sharing : for those wish to join my book-sharing tmr night, do go to the link


or e-mail me at to get in touch.

Will have 3 tuition classes today, and will want to bring kids to blok-space later.

have a nice weekend.


Friday, January 23, 2015

KLCI back to 1800 level

A BULL DAY .... thanks ECB.

KLCI closed at 1800 for lunch. It hit my target 1808 this morning during bull charging. So ... as planned, short FKLI and sell stocks.

Supermax : Hitting 2.37 high .. whoever chasing in the morning must be played out by their emotion.

Do not chase stocks. Do not worry of missing the boats.

Scores : 36 - 5

Sold Hapseng ... sold Hapseng-wa. Finally I am out of HapSeng as I was heavy inside with mommy and baby. What a good trade that is.

Sold Karex ...

I bought Armada at 1.23 yesterday, sold 1.29 and 1.30 this morning done.

I bought MHB at 1.41 yesterday ... wanting to sell at 1.49, but it only hit 1.47. So, I sold 1.45-1.46.

Even PetDag moved up 4% today. Haha ... Cypark back to RM2, sold last week.

SKPetrol hitting 2.88 this morning is a strong sell to me. Some of my members still wanting more? Well .. buying below RM2.50, take profit today 2.88 nice number la. I said.

Do you all realize that more sifu-guru coming out these few days as market ''suddenly'' bullish and most oil-counters flying high? Think again ...

More noises in my chatbox too ... so, later I will check some forums. If the noises of ''huat ar'' is everywhere, time to release off my Hartalega too.

CIMBC50 breakout of 1.28 ... I bought when china-stock-index dived 7% that day(remember?). Today reaching 1.30 ... hold. If I m still promoting this ... and more retailers moving in, I will sell and ask my members to sell to them too.

This is an ETF ... it is not liquid. C = China. 50 is the number of companies. Read more from Bursa before buying.

Trade at own risk. Time to get out of market. Rest days ahead next week.

e-meeting : This Sunday I will have a free public talk about book-sharing. All invited.

e-mail :


Thursday, January 22, 2015

BULL DAY is a SELL day?

It is noon now. Morning busy with trades and plumber came to fix a basin in my office!

e-mail : I have replied most of those e-mail to me ... but many do not even have the courtesy to reply me!! Many just disappear ... without a sound. Is that Malaysians culture?

Trades : HapSeng and its warrant are good trades. Sold some wa at 2.38-2.39 done today, keep the rest till reversal signals. Sold Supermax and FGV today. O&G counters moving today ... thanks to OPEC. haha.

check here :

As KLCI shot up yesterday and today ... hugely, I m in SELLING mode. We do not buy when stocks running up high, market sentiment is good. Well ... I prefer to be the contrarian. Your choice.

Being a contrarian, I like SKPetrol when it dropped below RM2.50 ... very nice as we collected around RM2.30. Today is RM2.80 ... heck, it is a SELL in my opinion. One moment it dived because of OIL PRICES down and SHARIAH stories ... today it shot up also due to similar news. Heck ... how now? buy?

I don't know ... what I do remind myself is 80% losers still out there. They are retailers. So, logically(which MOST 80% losers do not have ...) I will prefer to follow the 20%. They must have done something RIGHT ... and place them in winner-side. Yes ... besides knowledge and experiences, they are not doing what most losers will do(example : blaming their remisiers or anyone for their losses)

Next resistance for KLCI will be at 1800 level. I would rather short FKLI ... and SELL most of my stocks again if it really hitting 1800. Sit back ... relax and wait for CNY rally?

Lunch time


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Donate old story-books

I am going to initiate a mini-project : Collect used story-books and donate to primary schools and orphanages.

This is my girl's school ... the picture taken this morning, as I observed the students reading story-books!!

So ... I was thinking ... if only each of us ... could donate our used story-books or buy a new one(if your kids have grown up) .. donate to them!! Can we??

Here is the idea : Collection center ... SS15 Subang Jaya.

If you are staying in USJ/Subang Jaya area, I will personally collect from you ... or I will appreciate if one could go to SS15 to meet me there.

e-mail : and I will give you my hp number!!

How is that?

I will start with college students' (Taylor's, Inti and Sri KL) ... and hope I could collect enough to give away to schools ... and visit orphanages to give them those story-books!!

Anyone volunteer to help me?


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stocks : MyEg and SKPetrol

MyEg : Bought last week ... ter-sold at RM2.58-2.59 this morning (to add to my score 21- 4 now). But, seeing the momentum ... I bought back. It hit 2.62 as I m writing at the moment.

SKPetrol : Bought last week too ... it shot up 6% yesterday ... and I sold at closing price RM2.64. I was queueing to sell at RM2.68 yesterday ... but it hit RM2.66 only(I think).

Last night, I do have e-meeting to my stock-watch members ... to explain about SKPetrol, why I like it when I dived from RM3 to RM2. Oil-price plummeted ... shariah-compliance issue ... and whatever bad news making me like it very much. So, it is a simple common sense to collect below RM2.50. Hitting 50MA yesterday ... and I am out. Thank you.

I will want to main focus in my own trades. Those following my ''live'' trades are in my stock-watch group. What I buy ... at what level. What I sell ... at what level. Then, I will explain during e-meeting.

Trade at own risk. Manage our risk, and we could trade well. Control that emotion. Increase the knowledge and experience. That is how I m improving myself ... being a trader at home.

e-meeting : Invitation to my next e-meeting this Sunday. Click at the link given (like the page, ya)

Have a nice day ahead.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday : post # 3020

Monday noon ... I just came to office, to do some tidying-up ... and having classes after lunch later.

On Sat ... I had a loooong meeting with some of potential biz-partners. It is still at initial stage of getting the idea to be fruitful ... and to implement it. Till then ... zzzz ... doing more of research on it.

We were talking about blogging!! Yeah ... tho I m a blogger, the way I blog is ... err ... very personalized. Very spontaneous and I do not even check the grandma or spelling. I just type what is in the mind ... as it flows! That is the best way of blogging ... from what I knew of.

Comparing with my blog and with many who written about 'stock-market' or 'finances' ... I m definitely in my own cocoon. Haha ... yes, I prefer it with my OWN way, irrespective how many have pointed it out to me ... how I should write, what I should not write ... err ... how to do some touch-up ... or what-have-you.

That is also why I m finding writing/blogging in kinda ... difficult. I need to be so-called more professional in the way I write? You mean, I cant be myself ...? I have tried not to be totally independent even in this blog, ok? I do not need to attract un-wanted donkeys(bad humans with bad intentions) and making the monkeys noises, get wat I mean?

So ... what am I going to write about?

My losses ... yes, who said I never lose in trades? I have done more mistakes than majority, lost more trades than many ... but, we need to make sure that we win more than we lose, right? During Oct-Dec ... when market coming down, I have to cut-loss in many of my trades as they triggered my cut-loss points. If a trader telling you he/she never lose a trade, do let me know ... as I wish to do an interview or a coverage on him/her. That is definitely one of the greater trader. I am just a novice, learning to minimize my mistakes ... but losing trades is inevitable.

To start with, perhaps I could say that I sold off many last Thu of my stocks. The score still at 18 - 4 ... where my losses were Fitters ... GenM ... Armada ... and one more(cant remember). Haha ... bought Fitters 63.5, sold 62.5 ... bought GenM 3.88, sold RM3.83 ... bought Armada 121 to anticipate breakout of current resistance ... only to sell at 1.20.

This is Fitters ... at 50MA resistance, nearing my target 70cents now. I sold her as I m doing short-trades, no intention to hold. Some of my members still holding, and I asked them to SELL around 68-70 cents level. We bought at 63cents level.

Ok ... on personal side, I have my curtains up. I have my Unifi up(BUY  : TM code 4863) too!! Next will be the dining-table. We went to shop for one in Courts yesterday ... I saw one just as what I wanted ... the price RM1550. Then, when we are about to pay, the sales-person said RM100 for transportation ... another RM150 for installation! Wow ... he never tells us about it when he keep talking about the items? Should have written there ... without transportation and without installation, right? We just said sorry ... we are not paying the hidden costs, and walked away. I have even told him that we should write there(small print?) that RM1550 is not including XYZ cost. sigh.

I will never buy things thru instalment by Courts. The interest rate is VERY high. If can't afford, do not bother to have it.

By the way, Courts was listed in KLSE when I was new to stock-market and not in market yet ... back in 2007. I remembered that. Then, they were de-listed!! What happened? I can't recall ...

GO google : Found this piece ...

Kindly be advised that the entire issued and paid-up share capital of COURTS will be removed from the Official List of Bursa Securities with effect from 9.00 a.m., Monday, 3 September 2007, pursuant to Paragraph 8.15(5) of the Listing Requirements.

Time for lunch.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Emulate the successful people

Morning ... cant think of a good title for my morning post at the moment.

School reopened after a week delay(due to banjir in many states). It is kinda of pain to see my girl being sent to a ''special school''. It pained me so much ... that I m determined to bring her out of the education system. But ... what are the alternatives for slow learners? They wont be able to fit in the normal education system ... so, for the time being, I will have to place her there while looking into options. Money is another issue ... normal average mid-income group father like me could not afford the international-school or those home-schooling. Well, if I could find one that might suit her, I will afford it. That will release some of the pain ... inside me.

On the brighter side, the nice new curtain is in! The new place is taking shape ... and perhaps, I will have an open-house for some friends for the CNY?

Listening to Buffett clip in the morning ... reminding me how such a great man he could be. Incredibly successful. Incredibly frugal and humble. Highest respect to him.

Here is a simple words ... of wisdom.

#3 : They stay happy. The don't waste energy on things they can't control.

This is very important ... especially if we are trading!

#6 : They celebrate other people's success. They don't resent that success.

Yes ... again, I have been very grateful to know many successful people ... admiring their success and asking on how I could emulate their footsteps. Listening to WBuffett's stories or even Mrs.B.

Mrs B : Google her ... and see what we all able-people have to RESPECT how she is running multi-million dollars biz!

Her motto : Sell cheap and tell the truth.

Yes ... as I m still a novice and learning to trade (score stands at 18 -4 now for 2015), I will want to sell my stock-watch cheap(will make it free for my pioneer members soon!) and trading workshop cheap ...while telling the truth about my failing trades, my failures in managing some funds and weaknesses. No such BS about how many millions a person gain, while still standing at night selling their few thousands trading-course, trading software. Salesmen could not tell truth ... yes, I m going to make my trading workshop free too(must donate to charity) in future.

That is called passion. My goal of seeing myself being a good trader, while helping many more out there(especially newbies) to understand the market ... a little better.

I have my highest respect for Warren Buffett. But, I m not him (hold forever) ... no one will be him. We could only learn few great lessons from him ... his words and his actions. He gave his fortune to charity, for you info (something I will emulate too). And highest respect to Mrs B ... selling cheap for thin profit-margin and strong working ethics. These are greatest of man and woman.

Time to move on ... have a nice weekend, and remember ... do not envy other people successes, emulate them!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Dream Bucket

I will want to write about Dream Bucket, which is in me since I was ... err .. total broke merely 5 years ago.

It is interesting to see how I am being influenced by Tony Robbins ... and currently, I am allowing Robin Sharma to influence me. Yes, we CHOOSE our own influences ... our mentor, to excel.

So ... if I could squeeze half-hour or so to write about it ... perhaps tmr morning when I waking up 5am, I wont mind sharing my Dream Bucket and how I used it to motivate myself ... to work extremely hard and learning continuously ...

Have a nice weekend.


Pablo and Bruno

Listen to the clip above, if you have not known about the story.

"""The story of Pablo and Bruno in the “Parable of Pipelines” showcases the difference between employee vs. entrepreneur. Bruno, used all his might to carry buckets per day. He did not believe on the proposal of Pablo who invested money, time and effort to achieve his dreams on building pipelines.

As time passed by, Pablo’s pipelines grew longer and longer until it was finally completed while Bruno was doomed to carry buckets day in and day out for the rest of his life. Building pipelines is full of twists, turns, obstacles, detours and challenges. You must be focused on what you want, invest time and effort, willingness to take risk, the desire to learn and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams as tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices.

Your pipelines are your lifelines. How about you, are you carrying buckets or building your pipelines? Are you Bruno or Pablo?"""

This is always in my mind ... and I have changed my ''employee'' mindset into ... creating pipeline.

Example : Writing a book is a good pipeline for me (but it is not my priority now).

Listen. Learn. Plan. Work on it ... reflect. Re-do ... re-plan ... and work on it. Repeat.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

GenM and Genting

7.15 pm ... market closed. I am just back from dinner(alone) after classes. Now, waiting for next class (8pm to 10pm). Well ... that is my job at the moment, giving Math tuition and trading workshop.

I do work loooong hours. I think most people do. Just that I was a lazy person some 10 yrs ago, prefer to enjoy playing bowling, watching movie ... play online chess, play badminton ... ermm ... listening to songs and such. Oh yes, never miss Liverpool's games, of coz.

Today ... I will use my time to do my work .. planning for my goals. Today, I will not complaining about working ... as I m kinda enjoy the challenges. And I have sacrificed almost all the time-wasting activities. Work ... work ... work.

Someone just called me moments ago. She wants to join my stock-watch group. Wow ... seldom that I receive calls from anyone stating he/she wants to join my trading group. That initiative ... certainly showing determination?

Where am I?

GenM : Down-trending and next support seen around RM3.62 level. That will be a good entry for traders. Do plan.

Genting : The weekly chart showing ... into oversold region soon. I will like at RM8 level.

Tmr is Friday ... see if Genting and GenM could go to that low level ..

Ok .. almost 8pm now.

Note : do visit me at


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bull Day : Time to SELL

It is 2pm plus now ... paused a while to write .. was busy cleaning my store-room and setting up my office into trading space! Yes, a place where those attended my trading workshop would be allowed to come to my office to trade together! This is another dream of mine ... years back! To have traders together and slowly to form a trader-club!!

CIMB is flying ... finally!! Great feeling to sell for good profits. RM5.90 now. haha.

TuneIns : My 12th victory for 2015 so far. Bought 1.53-1.54 last week, sold part 1.64 and all at 1.68. On the 29th, I bought 1.55 and sold 1.75 for day-trading. Some of those in my stock-watch followed. too. Great rebound.

This is posted to my stock-watch page on 5th Jan. I have one loss so far in my 12 - 1 score(Fitters sold 63.5).

All the other trades done with good profits. A good focus in my trades for 2015 so far. Need to maintain that!

Perhaps ... it is the new environment ... as I just shifted to very high floor. I could see the cloud ...

There ... is this my new view ... out of my trading table at home.

Yes .. the good environment will do great for my mind. Besides, I do wake up 5am ... to exercise and plan my trades!!

Hope more will do well in 2015 ... but, it will be very volatile. Make sure the trades are short-term as market is at risk. GST-la ... 1MDB issue la ... RHB-CIMB stories la ... you know la, Malaysia got many stories to cook.

enough said.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Working from home

Morning ... day  1 to school for my boy (std 3) and my girl(std 1). Great feeling for parents ... and as I am not working, I am able to be with them. :)

Photo : I taken this picture while writing this post, at home!

Monday morning ... rushing to work, as usual. As parents ... we rushing to send kids to school ... then to work. We have to wake up early before 6am, preparing them for breakfast and such, while we will be thinking of our tasks in office(8 am or 9am). So ... this morning, while driving my two kids to school ... I was thinking of my years of teaching in college!! I would be rushing for my 8am class ... I was doing that last year Jan!

Now ... I have the TIME to be with my kids ... seeing them attending classes, safely. Then ... back home, to check markets ... done some trades this morning. Now, writing my blog while listening to Eric's old CD ... wait, I search for the photo from internet and share it here? brb.

There you are ... phew. I can't read Chinese, cant type. So, I searched "Eric Moo : Ai Ching Kuei Lei" ... the name of the album!!

So ... this is how I relax ... having my choco-milk drink, listening to songs while blogging at home!! That is the beauty of not being employed!!

Now ... why was I being employed all these years, teaching A-level in colleges? Simple ... I need to have the salary(income) ... I need the payslip(to apply loans for car/house). I need security that every month I will have fixed amount of money to cover my expenses!! And most of the months, my expenses is higher than my income (RM4k plus last year when I left college).

Seriously ... we are all employed due to expenses that we have committed. IF ... and only IF we could reduce our expenses, way way below our means ... we could afford!! We do not need to be so stress to earn more money!!

Putting aside 10% for saving is a MUST for us to force ourselves to SAVE, for emergency and future needs. I have done that 9 years ago ... when I have my son (he is 9years old yesterday!!) .. by forcing myself to save in my wife's ASB (for bumi only, 6-7% interest).

This is a recent saving table I obtained from internet. So, I m going to force myself to save RM10 increment in weekly basis!! By end of the year, I am expecting of saving RM13, 780? Yes the policy of "Lama-lama jadi bukit".

So ... what does it takes to stay at home, trading?

Many traders dreaming of full-time trading ... at home(or anywhere). It was my goal some 6 years ago when I started trading too. What do I do? I plan ... plan ... learn ... learn ... and plan & learn. So, nothing comes easy ... I worked very hard(extreme) to save some capitals, invest in myself(time and money) to learn trading ... focus and learn. Repeating that ... I am a loner when it comes to trading, learning ... as I need to focus. I do not see the point to waste time in forums, waste time watching TV/movies ... and I have to invest TIME in myself. I spent money ... to learn. And continue to learn. If anyone telling you trading is easy, or earning money from trading is easy ... use some BRAIN to think. Some salesmen out there are VERY good in convincing others to join their trading course or buy their software. I have heard of such stories ... and more. It is up to us to learn ... if we do not want to learn(majority in KLSE DO NOT want to learn, they want to profit!! haha) ... no one could teach us. No one could guide as the motivation is not in us.

That is what I could say ... I focus in my learning, I traded thousands ... and few hundred counters before. I learnt from my mistakes ... and accepting the pain of cut-loss. I have been doing it since 3-4 years ago ... trading with the system I created, that suit  me! So, currently I m teaching others about how I trade!

Cohort-15 : Sat-Sun, I had a trading workshop. Great. One of my stock-watch member flew from Sabah(he is motivated to learn!!) and another 3 travelled from JB to attend. Great feeling to know these very motivated individuals who wish to learn! I strongly believe they could learn well. Well, I will be planning for cohort-16 soon ... for those interested, contact me.

Well ... lunch hour. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Time to fetch my girl, then to have tuition classes(will be teaching more and more tuition classes and trading workshop to accumulate funds)

Furniture : I hv been trading furniture-stocks lately due to the current rally. It is still very much in play, so ... I m still into them. As I hv just shifted in, I do need to buy few pieces of furniture. Which one will out-perform and best to ride on the rally? Homeriz? Hevea? Latitude? PoHuat? LiiHen? ... today, I m hearing about Evergreen(long time no see).

Off time ...


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keep moving ...

Good morning ...

It is not easy to wake up 5am ... every morning. I have failed in most of my days in 2015 so far ... so, I think I need to get a group or few to be with me to ... DO IT.

It has been a busy week ... trading week too. I have taken many trades and done 10 trades so far. The score is 9 - 1 so far. Will try to keep the score and record it down ... as many in my stock-watch members could see my trades. Done another good one in Armada yesterday.

Armada : Bought in the morning at 1.12-1.13 and sold at 1.19-1.20. The chart showing 1.20 level is a SELL. That is a resistance.

Classes started too ... while shifting is going on! That is making me extremely busy ...

Tratles meeting last night at JanJi Temu. Many of them are still in my stock-watch group, and will maintain the friendships with many of them.

Cohort-15(trading workshop) will be today&tmr ... so, my afternoon will be fully occupied for this weekend. There will be someone travelling from JB and another from KK. Great as I m reaching out more from out-of Klang Valley.

Next week ... series of biz-meeting will start ... and my mind will be cracking on it, to focus in things in hand.

Getting busy is good ... but I am learning to balance. Letting go off my full-time job to have a little more time with family, tho entrepreneurs work harder and longer hours than employed.

Also getting busier with my tratles-site (facebook and blog) and

So ... my today's post is telling everyone to GET BUSY. Start doing something ... directing to our goals. Just do something ... rather than just talk-talk ...

It is 2015 now ... wake up early, listen to motivational clip ... READ good books/articles ... get to know those positive people, and yes ... get moving.

Time for me to prepare for my two tuition classes in the morning and then, conducting a trading-workshop later in the noon!

Have a nice BUSY weekend ahead.


Friday, January 09, 2015

Cashflow Quadrant

Good morning ...

Spend the TIME usefully ... and listen to these clips, read good books.

Otherwise, we could never be able to change ourselves ... financially.

The first point is to change your MINDSET.

Our characters too ... determining how far we could go. We do mistakes ... but we improve and learn from there.

Have a nice weekend ahead.


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Wooden Heart

Latitude : I bought when breakout of 3.80 level ... grabbed at 3.83 and bought more during closing 3.90. Today it broken RM4, going into overbought position, which means ... I am selling soon.

Hevea : Broken the downtrend line two days ago, so I just grabbed. Bought more at 1.74-1.75 this morning. Will like to sell at 1.88 ... resistance.

Hevea-wb : Bought 99cents and RM1 this morning. Sold at RM1.04 too soon, it went to RM1.09. Well, too many trades going on ... such as MyEg too.

MyEg : Too fast ... breakout of 4.40 and I posted to my stock-watch group to buy. Managed to grab at RM4.40 ... but alas, sold too early again ... it went to RM4.70!!

Homeriz : Breakout of 95cents. BUY. Was a little late .. grabbed at 98-99cents. Will be selling too as it is overbought.

Well .. it is in play. Some in my trading group bought PoHuat and LiiHen too. I missed those.

Covered my short FKLI (at 1760) today and went long FKLI. If you do not believe again, ask my trading group!

My site : ... visit me there!!

cohort-15 : Last call for this Sat-Sun workshop. I will explain my trades in terms of technical and also show how we could(and should) plan before we trade!! Learn that now ... while it is still cheap!!

errr ... how is my marketing? improving, right? haha



Your Guide To Wealth by R.Kiyosaki

I have listened to this clip for 13th time ... as of tonight. Well, my wife burnt me this clip 1-2 months ago ... so, while driving(when I m alone) ... I will be playing this clip. Haha.

That is how I have been learning to increase my financial-education.

Do listen to these clips, read those financial-related articles ... and be aware that TIME is moving ... not going to wait if we are still wasting our time, hanging around with those like to waste time!!

Learn ... learn ... and continue to learn.


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Correction in the making

KLCI dropped 16points today. It will be lucky to have sold most of my holdings last week, ahead of coming correction. Expect to hit 1717 ... and 1700 next level to watch. Will it goes below 1700 again?

On 16th Dec(Tuesday) recently, I bought 10 penny-stocks. Here is the result of the strategy I applied.

Crude oil down 4% at the moment. Our RON95 will be down again?

DOW minus 200 points! Great for my short of FKLI.

Buy nothing yet ... and will apply my ten-penny-stock strategy again ... very soon when KLCI at 1660?

Time to be excited ... prepare the shopping list.

cohort-15 : I will be having my trading workshop this weekend (sat and sun). Those interested, do contact me. Time to learn how to plan to trade, learn ... and I will guide.



Monday, January 05, 2015


Morning ... Monday morning, many rushing to work again ... but school-going kids stay home for another week. That should give me some time to be with my kids, preparing them for new school-session.

Talking about gov-schooling system, as we all knew ... it is depleting and pathetic. Many of us parents are worry ... and those who could afford, sending their kids for home-schooling or international schools!! Yes ... I m considering that option once I could afford it, perhaps next year. It is a must to afford it these days ...

Last night I had an e-meeting about book-sharing. Yes, being a teacher .. I like to read stock-market books and to share ... to teach those concepts. I was using Wong Yee's book "99 lessons for profitable stock-trading", one of the good easy-reading book most of us should have!

I will be planning for next e-meeting in 2-3 weeks time, book-sharing is about reading a trading-book and explain my views or comments, thru online ... and free for those wish to learn. It is not stock-analysis. Stock analysis e-meeting will be on every Monday, and it is only for my stock-watch members.

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KLCI was in green ... but now, in red.

will write on what I have shared in my book-sharing session last night later. Need to do some chores.

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Sunday, January 04, 2015

Finding time

Good morning ... it is good to wake up early! Joining the 5am-club, it takes discipline and ... a great new-year challenge for me.

I have been very busy due to shifting house. I have wanted to help the banjir-victims but I could not ... so, I just donated some money to the tabung. That is the least we could do ... some great Malaysians used their holiday-time to help those victims. Great.

Then, KLSE traded day-1 last Friday ... and this week ... college re-opens. I will be busy again ... as my tuition classes will be in full again, as students rushing to finish their syllabus by end of Mac. Jan to May are my busiest months for tuition ... hope I could still find some time to blog here ... but I will definitely giving priority to my stock-watch group, and my new biz-venture(to be announced).

Finding time is becoming a challenge as we get ourselves involved in many things. So, I have to drop many other things I m dabbling in. I have to divide my time according to my priority.

1. Family : Time with my wife, kids ... and mom/aunty. My bro/sis too.

2. Biz : My existing tuition center and now, a new venture ...

3. Blogs : and this one, cpteh.blogspot

4. Trading groups : Stock-watch group and tratles-group.

5. Tuition : At center and personal.

6. Meet : Traders and Market-talk

7. Read : Entrepreneurship and Financial books/magz

8. Learn : Trading and public-speaking

9. zzzz

So, how am I going to find the time doing many things, juggling ... ?

I have sacrificed most of the so-called entertainment part of my lives since 8-years ago ... being 6th year in markets, there are more to learn. So, I have to focus in my learning to trade. I am in novice-level now ... so, I know I need to push myself to do better.

Scheduling and being discipline is another thing we need to do ... if we are lacking of time. I have to be aware of the time moving ... as I am typing these lines. I have to allocate the limited time to writing a post here ... tho I know I enjoy typing words here ... getting those words out of my mind, clearing some of the congestion up there.

No time for gossips(I do not ... at all) ... no time for empty-chat in chatbox/forums ... less time for non-positive human, block myself away from herd-mentality and doing things what matters. As we all have only 24-hours per day, it is not a choice. We have to protect our time and ... yes, MIND.

Waking up 5am is good ... exercise(walk, jog, cycling) ... plan for the day ... and read. To wake up in the morning, I have to be discipline to shut off my pc/notebook by 11pm ... spending some time to talk to my wife before sleep, or put my kids to bed. Or do some simple light reading ...

By 12am ... I will be zzzz

I used to waste TIME previously ... just like most of people around. I do not treasure time as I did today ... time becoming so precious that I becoming so selfish ... and not willing to waste it on something or someone which won't benefit in anyway ... to achieve my goals.

Time is a commodity. An expensive one.

If I am spending more than 2 hours with a particular person, then ... the person must be someone significant to me ... the topics of discussion must be related to things I m doing or towards my goals.

Yes ... I am busy ... I have prioritized. If things not in my priority-list, I will not spend any of my precious time on it. I do have life to live ... and I want to live it to the fullest, while achieving my goals. What is the point putting our resolutions every end of year ... and not accomplishing most of them?

Writing this blog is still in my priority list ... so, here I am writing about ''finding time'' ... my struggle. I m always on the move that I do enjoy ''slow'' time ... say, on the beach ... or lazying at home.

Somehow ... there is always urgency to do things. There are simply too many things to be done, always. But ... I learnt the skill of procrastination(haha) and while many considering that as non-productive, I see procrastination as an art to master!

Time management tips :

What will it be without a nice song to share?

Have a nice Sunday.


Friday, January 02, 2015

1st trading day of 2015

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It is almost 2.30pm ...KLCI went down about 11points for first-half.

I just had two tuition classes, and waiting for the third one around 3pm.

10.45 pm : KLCI in red. But .. at one point, it was down 18 points .. then closed 8.48 points lower today ... for the first trading day.

GOB-wa : Listed today, closed 17 cents. It is silly to talk about the 3300% increase leh. Mommy GOB closed at 51cents. This is GOB (ex-Equine) ... a property-developer, not GAB.

KLK : It is a profit-taking time. I wrote openly in or as I m moving my stock-analysis there. Yes, buy call when at RM20, inverted hammer. Sell should be today.

Sendai : Those holding to IPO might have huge losses now, as it is at low level. I m posting this one as it is very interesting weekly chart.

e-meeting : every Monday 9.30pm ... those interested to join, to learn ... do join my trading group. I will explain my trades ... and well, Sendai will be discussed.



Thursday, January 01, 2015

10 habits to know

Good morning to a new year ... a new chapter.

A fresh new start ... sold most of my counters including my blue-chips (GenM, CIMB, Tenaga, Maybank, PChem ... ). Sold so so many as I bought them some time ago. What a start for 2015 ...

10 things rich people know that you don’t by 

"People don’t become wealthy by accident, here’s how they do it"

As a financial adviser, I have occasionally found myself feeling envious of certain clients. Not because of their wealth — but because they were disciplined and determined enough to do all the right things that enabled them to accumulate their wealth and, in many cases, retire early. Despite my expertise, I, like a lot of people, sometimes struggle not to do the wrong things that make being rich, let alone retiring at all, a pipe dream.

TEH : I was very determined to get out of debt ... getting out of the E-quadrant and I started late ... when I was 40. Today ... I am 48. I have got out of debt. I have left the E-quadrant. But ... I think it is not the age, it is never too late to start. Just be disciplined and determined.

Financially responsible and successful people don’t build their wealth by accident — or overnight. Becoming rich takes serious willpower and long-term vision. You have to be able to keep your eye on the prize of financial freedom, be willing to sacrifice your present wants for the sake of your future and develop good habits to win.

TEH : Willpower must come from passion ... and commitment. When I started trading KLSE exactly 6 years ago, I told myself I must learn and learn ... and to find the time, I have to sacrifice my present. I dropped all TV/movies ... I quit bowling and games ... I read more and more about good-financial habits ... and more self-help motivational clips/books/articles.

Here are 10 habits you can start putting into practice now.

1. Start Early

2. Automate

3. Maximise contribution

4. Never carry credit cards balances

5. Live like you are poor

6. Avoid temptation

7. Be goal-oriented

8. Get educated

9. Diversify your portfolio

10. Spend money to make money

Well ... going through the list, I have a few but lacking in a few.

1. I did not start early ... I started rather late at age 40. So, if you are below 30 ... do start to learn about personal-finances. Start early!

2. Yes ... after a while, after doing many times and repeated them in daily basis, many things becoming automated. In my case, teaching Math ... I do not use brain much for it. And trading ... it is becoming a nature now but I still learning to control the machine-in-me.

3. Maximising our contribution to our financial-goal ... earn more, spend less ... save and save ... to invest. Maximising contribution could means ... our energy too. So, in my case ... I believe in the environment factor.

4. I do clear them all by end of month. If one has credit-card debt, stop using them. Ok ... it is easier said than done. I have 3 credit-cards ... all in huge-debt merely 4 years ago. So ... I tried to pay maximum the amount to clear the debt(think of the 15%-18% interest!) ... so, I m very frugal ... I monitor my spending and getting very discipline to clear my credit-card debt ... I managed to clear all of them 2-3 year ago. Live within our means.

5. I am not rich(yet) ... I am no longer in debt, I m doing better now. Still I do want to maintain my frugal living. I noticed that I have been spending on food(dining too) ... so, I will want to reduce it by 30% this year, 2015.

6. Arrghh ... perhaps my temptation are on food, books and AV items. So, I will try to avoid that? Ok, I will put a budget RM200 for books/magz for a month, not more than that. As mentioned above, I will reduce the spending on food ... and only allow myself to buy a Klipsch's headphone this year for my b-day gift.

7. Yes ... setting goals are important. My goal for this year ... write it down and work on that direction.

8. Being educated doesn't mean our Masters or PhD. It simply means ... learning new skills and increase our knowledge. In my doings, to learn to trade better ... manage the funds better and such. Well, I could certainly improve ... and I m educating myself more. If we want to trade or invest, we need to get ourselves educated. Nothing comes easy.

9. Over-diversify has been my main issue in trading stocks. So, for 2015 ... I will be focused, not diversifying. What it meant here is actually to have our funds in different assets forms ... property, stocks, REITS ... I am a non-believer in unit-trust or mutual funds.

10. Yes ... I do spend money .. to learn how to make more money. Learning to trade, for example. Buying books ... attending courses, subscribe to some financial portals(icapital, shareinvestor) ... and recently I subscribed to a trading-tool. I have even subscribed to Robin Sharma's e-learning(about motivational). So ... I am spending few hundreds per month, just to learn to earn more money? This is something average and normal people do not understand.

This is my first article I read for a new 2015.

Do read these type of articles ... listen to these type of clips and spend time to read some books. That is how I changed my mindset ... from financially totally broke(merely 4 years ago) to positive average category. In coming 3-5 years, I will move a notch higher ... those very old readers(3-5 years here) will know how I m still moving ...

Happy New Year ... :)