Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waterfalls : CIMB, FGV, MHB and MRCB

CIMB : This is terrible ... why huge sell-down in CIMB ... I thought CIMB-RHB-MBSB going to the largest financial institution in Malaysia? Perhaps they pushing it down due to its high valuation? Perhaps ... they know something inside going on that we do not?

FGV : What is up? Those holding to IPO-level is losing great now ... those chased up in first day is losing more. What is going on in such a huge company? There is something fishy ... something we don't know about?

MHB : This is a monthly chart ... since the IPO. Went to high RM8plus ... now RM1.70 level. What is up? Can anyone explain this? Again ... they knew something we do not know?

MRCB : Sold around 1.70 ... diving since then ... now nearing to support RM1.25. Will it break RM1.20 level? What is going on? Anything to do with UMNO assembly? Or Dr M's remarks?

Wondering what is going on ... it is a mystery?


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