Thursday, December 11, 2014

To be a trader?

Morning ... waking up to see sell-down in DOW (minus 268) and crude-oil reaching USD60 now. So, yesterday's rebound will be short-lived? Are we seeing 1700 soon after this short rebound?

There are two things I will like to tell my readers here :

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There you are ... from time to time, I need to reach for readers ... on my doings. Yes, I m moving ahead ... to be so-called more professional. But ... well, I am still very much a teacher, a blogger and a trader. Haha.

To be a stock-market trader?

Lunch date : I had a nice lunch yesterday with three ladies (free-lunch, to thank me for guiding her in trading). It is interesting to know that one of them wanted to be a trader ... I mean, full-time. So, my advice is natural and usual : DO NOT BE. Haha ... well, I always tell all that being a trader needs to many hours, too tedious to learn ... could be too difficult(controlling of emotions too) for many. So, a general advice .... DO NOT TRY to be.

If one persist ... then, start SMALL. Put an amount you are willing to lose all. Learn FA ... learn TA ... learn whatever A = analysis. Use 3 to 5 years for that! With LOTS of LOGIC ... I have to repeat, LOGIC ... which is missing in whole retailers in stock-markets! We have people signing up for some software training(paying thousands) as they want SHORT CUTs. I have to repeat, that is SALES ... you are non-logical enough to look for short-cut in trading. Hence, it is advisable to quit before you start.

So ... to tell people to be LOGICAL is the most difficult point I shared with them. Without that, we could easily fall into noises(tips from friends, dealers, remisiers, media etc etc). Without our own trading system, our own homework ... without understanding our own risk appetite ... well, it will be lucky if one could survive for 3 years! It is like doing business ... at initial stage. NOTHING is easy.

And to trade short-term (day-trading, contra with margin) is ridiculously difficult for newbies. But, again ... it is the newbies who always lose money and they DO NOT even understand WHY.

Note : You are invited to meet me tmr night for a dinner at Subang Jaya. I have two responses so far.

Understanding RISK ... understanding TIME FRAME ... and of coz, money management is the whole parcel of the game. It is less on what indicators to use ... or buy-sell. It is all about planning and learning from our trades --- continuously.

Due to the RISK ... many of newbies could not understand and will continue to struggle. For past 2-3 months, losing 20% becoming a norm to many. Imagine if market is really crashing down(it is not at current level lah ...) many those bought penny-rally stocks will stuck for long-long time ... and too painful to cut-loss.

Sumatec : Some dealers or remisiers asking to buy. Yesterday, a lady told me that her father's remisier asking her father to buy around 32 cents. The guy from JB who came for my trading workshop got the tips to buy Sumatec at 40cents, stating that they will push her up to RM1 plus. Today at 21cents ... who will dare to ask to buy and telling us ... it will be pushed to 50cents?

DNex : 34cents to 24 cents back to 34 cents ... break that to go to 39 cents then dived to 25cents, rebounded to 40cents ... and now dived to 26cents ... how is that? Betting it will go to 40cents again, right? Hmm ...

Many having these two in their portfolio ... some with huge losses. Another few are PDZ, Frontkn, Sona, China-stocks ...

IFCA .... the hottest still holding well. We shall see ...

KLCI minus 20 points ... given back the rebound yesterday.

2.25pm : Just had my lunch ... had two hours of Math tuition to a new student, wanting 3 times a week as he is far-far behind. I will have to try to accommodate ... and will have to teach at nights. Not that I am complaining but I really need to say NO and take a little time off for myself ... to be with family.

I am alone in the office(rented a whole place) ... so, I feel comfortable!! haha. Music background playing ... nice. Just bought a sofa-bed for next year. Yes, whenever I m tired, I could take a short nap during lunch break. Being your own boss means DISCIPLINE ... and more thinking, more work.

KLCI minus 8.52 points ... ok. Rebounded a bit la.

Time to check on my trades while waiting for next tuition class. Having few before flying to Sabah next week, for a week.

Do you want to work in Wall Streets?

Listen : It is Work and Focus. How to do BETTER?

4.45 pm : KLCI dropping 14 points.


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