Monday, December 15, 2014

Sabah Trip

Morning ... I am trying to put myself up. Seeing it positively, I do not need to watch football for 1H2015.

I am flying off to KK in few hour times. Excited. It has been 5 long years my wife-kids left KK with me to live in KL here. I am bringing my mom too.

Will want to see few of friends there(if they want to meet me la).

Ins. Sinaran : Will visit the college .. the place I left some 5 years ago. Few old-timers are still there, and will be glad to see them.

Mt Kinabalu Park : Will be there on Wed-Thu. One of my fav place. But, wont be climbing Mt Kinabalu this time around. Will plan for a Mt Kinabalu trip next year with my trader-group.

CPS Bowl : Will certainly glad to drop to the bowling alley, a place where I spent my hours there ... playing competitions and bowling leagues. Whoever there to meet, I will be glad.

Islands : It is a must for me to go to the Islands .. Manukan, Gaya ...

Gaya Street : Haha ... I have put-up a stall selling my keropok some 9 years ago, what a memory how I started to change my life --- financially. Will love to see local people there.

Traders : I am meeting some of them (3 so far responded to meet me), and will spend few hours have a coffee-talk with them ... as my initial Project(meeting traders) and interview them ... for sharing experiences.

Melinsung : Will need to check on my beach-apartment which I have ''abandoned'' for 5 years now. No intention to rent or sell. One day, I might be back to stay in KK ... this small apartment is the place I wish to stay ... nearby the beach.

Time to go


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