Sunday, December 14, 2014

Preparing for 2015

2015 ... yet another new year in coming days. Less than 3 weeks. As I will be spending 1 week in Sabah ... I will use the time away from markets, tuition classes ... business discussions etc etc ... away from all the busy-packed KL-live.

KK is the best place to be in whole Malaysia. That is my personal opinion ... so, I will be very glad if I could retire in Sabah. I heard that KK is full with modern shopping malls now(sigh ... must they?). Perhaps I could still consider Kudat or smaller towns? Will be back to plan on that ...

But now, we talk about 2015.

To stay positive ... I have been focusing on my surrounding. Yes, MY ENVIRONMENT. I am a believer in positive thinking. I am a believer that environment will shape my thoughts and to protect my mindset ... I will only mix with positive thinkers who supporting my works, my values and my cause. I will definitely eliminate those with negative thoughts ... those criticize me without grounds, deleting those complaining and telling lies ... making sure I m directing my path with positive-ness.

So ... I am shifting to a larger space, and with planning on good work-station in order to work better. Environment will be important for the growth of our MIND.

This photo is taken ONE minute ago ... as I want to improve my home work-space. So, next year ... I am shifting my home work-space. Our MIND is more important to protect. INVEST in that ... and INVEST in ourselves. That is how we grow ...

Will comment on the above clip ... relating to my 2015 HABITS I want to acquire.

We need to be determined enough to make the CHANGE.

Begin with the change of NEGATIVE PEOPLE around us.

Begin with the change in our WORKSPACE.

Begin with the change ... in our HABITS.



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vince said...

Glad you manage to get out from normal 9-5 working routine and have your own time...... im trying hard to achieve that too