Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New Lows

Morning ... we are seeing few new ''normal'' ... low crude oil price(USD 60 plus) and weakening MYR. So ... foreign funds exiting our local Bursa.

I started to post in my tratles site yesterday ... haha ... yes, it has been dormant. My stock analysis will be there ... while this blog of mine will be financial-related with motivational clips I m listening. Also, will write stories here ... more personal ... example, how I got out of debt.

click : for analysis. Will activate it next year!

Surprisingly, PetDag continues it strong rebound and I have sold off all for good profits, buying hugely into it.

Armada showing some bottoming too. SKPetrol is lagging ... but Alam & Perisai going lower. Someone in my group asking if could buy KNM? KNM ... is a no-touch for me. Avoid the whole sector of O&G may be a good idea ... keeping cash is the strategy.

Will write about MHB later ... bottoming out. Dropping from RM8.40 high to current ... errr ... RM1.70 level. If those still holding to IPO or bought at any level higher, is it time to average down? OUCH.

With crude-oil price at low, CPO would not be in favour too. Hence, I have to avoid plantation counters ... tho this is the best sector to buy for a long term. Perhaps I will check JTiasa.

Market is opening ...

Have a nice trading week ahead.


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