Thursday, December 04, 2014

New lows

Armada : The low is at 98cents now.

BIMB-wa : Lowest was at 42 yesterday, now hitting 41.5cents. Premium 20% plus, expiring 2023. So, guess the drop is to close the high premium as mommy not moving much.

BJCorp : Hitting new low yesterday at 43cents ...

FGV : Previous low was at RM2.99, it rebounded sharply and now back to RM3 level. Breaking RM3 ... we shall see new low.

Many more hitting new lows ... if only I have the time, I will like to list them.

Speculative stocks such as PDZ, Sumatec, KNM, THHeavy and gang continue to see selling(dumping) after being pumped high. Newbies will not understand why they lost money ... or still holding to these, HOPING they will be goring again ... hopefully.

Avoid those penny-stocks. Listening to those watsapp or forum groups might kill off the essence of real trading as we are encouraged to PUNT and GAMBLE.

But ... even buying those giants such as Armada or FGV, can lose us money too, ok?


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