Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New 2015 preparations

morning ... it is Wednesday ... and I will be getting busier again. Just back from the north-trip, it is tiring driving from Kuala Kedah to KL trip will be by flight, please.

Crude Oil Price about 67 level at current level.

One may want to check it here :

As market correct sharply, I believe MANY are in losses ... realized or not. Paper-loss is a loss to me ... so, out portfolio could be in negative for these 2-3 months ...

I wish to sit here today whole day blogging ... so many things in head to voice them out --- the few traders I met and things we discussed which stuck my mind ... and the changes I need to make with my trading-group. In Jan, I would be seeing some changes ... and it is up to me to improve further.

Amazing years ... for 2-3 years, I do have an e-meeting group(paid RM20 per session) and last night might be the last one for me. Yeah ... I am going to have it free for my stock-watch group, in order to share educational value too ... instead just what to buy-sell ... we should learn why buy-sell and how to manage our portfolio. By sharing with many, newbies and novices could learn too ... and that is what a teacher like me could contribute. Anyway ... I am phasing out my e-meeting as I will need to focus in new biz-plan.

Trading is my passion ... I will still trade, but I will prefer to be focused and selective. I prefer to update my pages.

Here are my ''free'' public page/group/site.

Page : ... do click ''like'' and any public talk ... the link will be sent there. I will try to have it once in two weeks ... to share some ideas after I attended some market-talk or simply tell stories about how I became a trader, my struggle and more.

Group : ... I am deleting MOST of the members before end of year ... and will only add in those REAL human(many not) who have liked the above page, and this group is a closed group where I will share some educational clips, with a hope to open up for discussions and learning together. Come back end of Dec, ya.

I am leaving most of the other groups and will only focus in my own personal groups. I have left most of the blogs(no longer have time to read?) and forums ... to focus in my own blog and closed-group(forum kinda). : This is my website, where I will slowly moving from this BlogSpot to that ... there will be member-site(closed) to post my trades done, for recording purposes. I m still VERY much comfortable using my BlogSpot here as I m familiar ... perhaps, time to change and move away from my comfort-zone. Some of recorded of my e-meeting will be posted there too.

KLCI down 17 points at the moment I am writing. Haha ... what a tricky volatile market. I have advised my trading group to avoid penny-stocks and those buying would be at high risk and need to know how to manage that.

Seriously, the current market is not for newbies ... many getting their fingers burnt punting in many of those stocks.

PDZ at 15cents now(from 40cents) ... a buy?

DNex : Back to 27cents(from 40cents) ... a buy?

KNM : Still a buy? ...

Sumatec : What to do ... buy more?

Until some understand these basics ... they will continue to play with fire.

Think of RISK before think of profit. I learnt this a hard way. Then, you know why market is a danger place for us to play on emotion. Plan our trades and take losses as lessons.

Time to plan ... for 2015.



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