Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meeting with traders

Saturday night ... waiting for Sunday night game, vs MU.
Just had an online market-talk about Cut-loss, Average down ... and about trading ''softwares''.
Meeting with traders : I met few readers yesterday. Some last minute FFK me ... stating due to heavy rain. At least they hv the courtesy to tell me ... another one fella showing strong interest but didn't turn up at all. There are 7 of us in total.
While most of them are in my stock-watch group, there are two readers who dropped by to see me, in person. One is working nearby ... and another young man.
This young man ... hmm ... introduced himself and straight away stating how EASY trading is, and so easy to earn money from stock-markets. I was stunned and ... like What-the ... he is here for? I mean, I see trading as so difficult ... and only to hv a young man, pointing to me how easy trading could be. What am I missing here? So, he definitely feel bored meeting me ... who is doing far lower than he is. So, I suggested to him to push himself to be a bank-traders(PDT and such) rather than trade on his own. By the way, he is a full-time trader. I have to admire his guts ... to do things he is doing.
Trading is far from easy ... it is only easy when you go to some PREVIEWs of some trading-course or when the salesman wanting to sell you some trading software ... they will convince you how easy to profit using their trading system or/and trading software.
Anyway ... nice to meet such a young confident trader. He is the only trader I met stating that trading is easy? Good luck to him
One lady is joining my cohort-15(tentatively Jan 10-11th), and came to meet me. Nice meeting her too.
Most of traders I met last night ... with 3-4 years experiences in trading. So ... in my opinions, they are newbies. Trading is not that easy ... using some software and we could trade?
I will slowly put it as a project ... meeting traders for a the-Tarik and interview them!
Tired ... going to KK on Monday.
Night ...

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