Sunday, December 07, 2014

Market Talk by Dali

It is Sunday ... as I wanted to attend a market-talk (by Dali and Alan Voon), I brought my kids to Ikea(free playground) while shopping for some new idea on how to decorate our new place with wife. Then, I went for the talk ... leaving kids at Kidzania.

Someone walked to me ... shake hand with me, and introduced himself. Wow ... didn't know I m well-known? Nah ... I m no-body. I m just pointing to him how difficult it is to be a full-time trader. He told me he lost lots of money recently, and thinking of joining me. Ok ... great.

It takes people to lose MONEY ... lots of it ... to understand how difficult it is in stock-market. To trade short-term is suicidal without knowledge, experiences and tools. Yup ... I am equipping myself with trading tools ... and sign-up!! It is just a tool ... to assist me in my stock-pick and putting up a trading plan. This will benefit my members more ... added-value to the existing features I have placed. Yes ... it is a good tool to me, but those newbies could not able to use it to full potential.

Dali : It is the stupidest question for anyone to ask about TARGET PRICE.

Haha ... he nailed it there. Making me like him a little more, as we need to address this to majority 80% retailers who believe in target prices!! Haha.

Dali : XingHe ... a new name for Keywest. When a company change its name, do avoid. They are still the same assholes.

Haha ... that is great. We need to be a little harsh to so many brainless retailers (unfortunately, newbies) who thought it is a new company or believe the stories they cooked up. Haha.

Dali : 30 to 40% of those in markets are at the lowest of the pyramid. They buy due to hearsay, from friends ... relatives, forums and such. They will bargain RM2 when buying fish ... but wont ask more spending RM200k buying a stock!

Haha ... he is making me to laugh and like him. Bingo! How a person could talk about 20cents increase in petrol price, while didn't check more when buying stocks, and lose so much?

There were two aunties ... talking about recent correction. One said(quite loudly) ... "no eye see. I didn't check market for few weeks now. I don't know what I am holding too. Heart pain" ... in Cantonese.

There we are ... market is full off many shape of retailers ... but most of us are at the bottom!

I am tired now ... after a long weekend. Attended a Toastmaster meeting where I was the first speaker. Nervous ... but I need to learn about public speaking. One day, I will want to give public-speaking and talk about stock-market, trading ... or motivational talk, ok? Will you attend? haha

Yesterday noon ... I have two meetings ... incredible and excited. It is another milestone for me to venture into e-biz ... a start-up! With my no give-up attitude, I will want to see the whole group(kinda large group) working together as a unit and well. These will occupy my brain ... thinking of how to move forward with more ideas ... in 2015. Wish me luck ...

This blog will see the end of stock-analysis as I m transferring it to and use that page next year onwards, to promote myself ... my stock-watch group and trading workshop. I will also keep records of my trades in the ''member only'' section.

Yes ... if you are still losing money, lots of it ... a newbie and a novice(my level), perhaps I may want to be the person to re-direct you into a good mindset ... about trading/investing. No one could help you or anyone if we do not want to CHANGE ... but continue to LOSE money ... in the stock-market.

I will continue to invest in myself ... and to become a better trader. I am improving in year basis, for sure. So, I will like to go down to newbies ... and see if I could make some senses to them. I will only help those who wish to help themselves.

enough said.

I m moving ahead ... while many old readers(and my trading members) still watching me moving.

Need to rest...



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