Saturday, December 20, 2014

LOGIC : A must to have

Good morning from Kota Kinabalu ...

Yesterday, spent some hours at Pulau Sapi. Nice island ... have not upload some pictures to share it here. But, believe me ... it is nice!!

Main islands here are Gaya, Manukan, Sapi and Mamutik. Google them.

We will take a boat to these islands, from KK's jetty. It will be less than half-hour ride. Bring some money ... you may want to experience para-sailing there (RM65 each person for 15 minutes). Bring your own food.

Today's programme : Go fishing later at Sg Papar.

Ok ... I met two young ''dealers'' last night. They are very new in stock-market. So, I spent about 2-3 hours giving them some lecture on how to start to be good in trading-investing, and to survive in the industry. Yes ... if you are to be dealer with IB, where do you move up from here? Turning to be a remisier? etc etc ... that is not important just yet.

What is important ... is to accumulate knowledge and experiences. Use it as a stepping stone, while learning from many experienced seniors in the line. And make sure we track our own learning.

Two main points I shared with them : LOGIC and PASSION.

No one could sustain their learning without these two ingredients. It is simple to understand, yet most difficult to put in practice. Yes ... why 80% of retailers losing in stock-market? They have lack of common-sense and logic.

Trader #1 : A finance grad, looking for a job and landed him with a local IB. Been a dealer for past 8 months, highly admire me ... and my blog reader! Lost some money recently buying into Sumatec, and from what I could gather ... he is wiser now. Appreciate my e-meeting that help to ring some logic in his new-trading brain. But ... he didn't show to me his enthusiasm in going very far in the trading line. So, I will be watching him ... perhaps, be his mentor.

Trader #2 : A marketing grad, went into the job ... and not of his choice either. Father in stock-market recently lost some money too, holding to KNM. As this is only his first month, he needs more time to develop from there. He believed the INFLUENCE of others too strong for normal human to be independent.

LOGIC : Yes ... I m promoting something that is most difficult to put in our head or mind. We are engineers, biz-man ... teachers and more, we are logical in our normal daily lives .. but when we are in stock-market, GREED take over! Imagine ... a question like "Tmr the stock can hit my TP or not?" or buying thru tips given in forums? haha ... defying logic, read my recent post.

Without LOGIC ... no one willing to learn. They took 3-4 years and hours to get a degree ... to be employed. Hmm ... somehow, the learning stop there ... why?

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people going into to PROFIT without learning, without experience ... and being lured by many SALEMEN easily ... how easy they profit. Haha ... I do always amazed with human mentality. Amazing!!

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people do not think learning is needed. They will buy software or ask around what to buy-sell. They think of getting-rich ... that is called gambling?

So, now ... guess how many % losing money again? Yup, the statistic 80%! Still want to go to KLSE? Sure?

There ... here is a diagram to show why most retailers will quit market, OR stuck with those lousy penny-stocks and could never understand why.

Got logic or not? If not ... how about QUIT now?

PASSION is another important ingredient to sustain in market. That will be for another post ...

off and have nice weekend.


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