Monday, December 22, 2014

KLCI rebounds

Noon ... as KLCI rebounded sharply. Is many out there yelling BUY or BYE?

Yes ... kinda glad to sell many this morning. Again, it is so difficult to buy hugely last week, especially last Tuesday.

I bought 10 penny-stocks last week ... err ... 11 actually.

So, I have sold TWO this morning. Left 9 now.

Alam : Entry at 54.5 cents last Tuesday(16th). Target at 65cents ... sold at 64 cents done this morning. Went to hit 67cents.

Malton : Entry at 78cents ... sold at 88cents done. It hit 89cents ... my original target is 94cents resistance.

I told the group ... this is just a trail-basis. Testing out the cases IF KLCI going into sharp correction.

Yes ... we need to test out many things to gain experiences.

Will write about another two experienced traders I met.

KLCI closed for lunch ... up 24 points, at 1740 now. WOW ... well, 1770 still a strong resistance.


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