Thursday, December 25, 2014

Growing Mindset : Environment

WORDS : To have a right growth mindset to be successful ... we need to understand the importance of words shared around us.

Hence ... I moved myself away from negative people, negative words ... and thoughts. People who will be using toxic words ... which we thought that they are norm.

Four toxic words

1. TRY ... change it into I WILL or I WON'T

2. WHY ... change it into HOW

3. I CAN'T ... change it into I CAN or I CAN'T YET

4. DON'T ... change it into I WANT

So ... changing our mindset really DIFFICULT. If we keep thinking of the difficulties, we will be thinking of I CAN'T. If you keep asking WHY ... you are not focusing in solving the problems.

What I do? I closed myself from the normal human around me, and pointing it out to them is simply ridiculous. Protecting my mind not to be filled with toxic words, I have to move away. Protecting my valuable time ... so that I could learn more. Time is most valuable commodity to me.

Spend the time to listen to motivational clips or read some good books(instead of wasting time watching TV, playing pc-games, chatting in forums and many more normal time-wasting activities by normal non-successful people).

Here is just one of the very good way of wasting our time. It is my regular time-waster!!

These are few of the books I just bought recently. I don't know how much it costs me($$$ sense) but I do know my directions ... I bought those trading-investing books some five years ago, which I could barely afford. Today, I could afford these books ... and I believe it is worth every dollar.

But .. books could not change our mindset much IF we do not want to change our own mindset. Books could be used as guidance and giving us some ideas.

What is the topic here again?

Environment is a factor.

Where you read these books ... and what do you do when you are reading them. Who do you share those ideas with ... and what are the results of sharing these with those with similar frequencies?

It is still environment ... where and who.

To grow my mind further ... I need good environment. So ... I m going to shift to a nice new place.

The new environment will be able me to think clearer ... and get to know new people who is staying there. These upgrading is important as we are moving away from the average or poor-mindset people.

My next move will be getting myself a good workspace ... and invest it that. It will give me good environment to think ... and thinking is the way we grow our mind!

There you are ... sharing with my readers(if you are new readers) what I have basically done to change my mindset ... because I wanted to. And it is on-going ...

Get a smarter brain ... by exercising.

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Choice is yours.

Merry Christmas again.


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