Sunday, December 14, 2014

Facebook Page

Recently, I created a FB page ... yeah, I created that some 2 years ago, but did not manage to updates etc etc ... 2 years ago, I am still have a full-time teaching job at Taylor's, was busy opening my tuition center and developing my trading workshop! Well ... it was 2 years ago ...

Today, I m no longer having my full-time (E-quadrant) ... so, in the morning .. basically, I am sort of free. Actually, I will be busy by 8am ... preparing for market opening, chatting with some of my trading members while checking some news related. Again ... we do not need to glue ourselves to the monitor all the time as we could not control the prices, anyway.

Note : I do still teach A-level Math tuition ... so, those looking for tutors can contact me. I do have contacts with most GOOD tutors for all subjects too.

Click on the page and LIKE my page there ... more online market-talk and educational(about trading-investing) will be shared there.

Time to go for lunch with family ...

Have a nice Sunday.


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