Friday, December 05, 2014

A busy weekend ahead

Friday morning ... a packed schedule for my weekend. Later noon, tuition classes ... then, our last meeting of the year for tratle-group(still do not know if we are continuing for next year? Let them to decide) ... tmr morning will be giving my first toastmaster talk and then, rushing back for a very important meeting(new biz venture!) ... planning at night, e-meeting for a new group(motivational) ... then, watch the Liverpool's game ... tmr morning, to IKEA to shop for some items(shifting to new condo) and attending Dali's market talk. In the evening, hope to rest and settle down to check on those events ... evaluate and reflect.

These are my typical busy weekend. I might be too busy to even blog here, tho I would love to share what I gathered from Dali's talk.

Personal Money : I have asked my group to buy the latest issue. They have one VERY important article about cooperate exercises such as bonus-issue, right-issue, split, private placement, share buyback and such. GRAB one. Do not photostate or ... read from the newsstand. For those few regulars who like to read The Edge and such at Popular or MPH(Pyramid, Summit and more), your cheap-mindset need to be changed. It wont cost you much ... for RM10. It costs us much much more losing in markets as we are not well-informed, lacking of knowledge and desire to win.

Desire to excel ... to improve and do better. So, I created a motivational group(with few of my interested members --- free, of coz). Many more things will be done and shared for free with my existing members, who have supported me ... through my difficult times and many treated me lunches/dinners.

To do biz ... JV or whatever, we need motivated people around us. So, I m creating this small group of investors ... in a hope to come out with something .... one day. At the moment, lets motivate and learn together. I am honour to have some strong supports. Working together will never be easy ... but I am always willing to work!!

I will be giving more public-talk(for free ... donation appreciated to be given to my charity-fund) about motivation, trading, investing ... and form that group of people, who willing to share their opinions. That explain why I m  joining a toastmaster group, to learn public-speaking. If you knew me personally few years ago ... I was an introvert, anti-social(I still am) and dislike herd-mentality. I see society as gullible and greedy, inconsiderate and selfish ... with bad personal intention to benefit themselves. But ... slowly, I got to know more god people around me .. I have changed my perception on overall views ... many good human out there, more good than not.

PetDag : Hit 17.50 ... this morning, I just simply ask member to sell at this level. I didn't park ... some a old-member of mine so discipline and managed to sell at 17.50, the peak. Wow ... most of them bought lower than me. At 16.80 now, many having profits. Tmr, another white-candle, I will sell and say ... thanks.

Note : I am very heavy inside Oil & Gas counters. I am a contrarian.

Time to read some articles about entrepreneurship!!


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