Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We are the expert

I have tried to pull myself out of the cozy bed ... and to plan for the day. Good morning ... 5am ritual need to kick start as 2015 new year is nearing ...

Yesterday, KLCI giving slight cheers to many retailers as it rebounded well. We shall check 1840 level, while I have been busy buying since last Thu-Friday. So, time to slowly un-load and moving to end of Nov ... the holiday period is here.

Muhibah : I have sold all yesterday. Part in the morning at 2.32(hit 2.36) and day-trade her as it came down to 2.22 ... bought back and sold all 2.28-2.29. A good trade indeed as we bought below 2.20.

I will take the trade again today as the expert mentioned target price RM3.64, ADD call.

Expert : What We Think We were surprised by the selldown, which could have spilled over from investors' general concern over the impact of the decline in oil prices on upstream pure oil & gas players. The fact that Muhibbah did not benefit from the award of the regas plant in Pengerang should not be a major concern as 1) the group did not tender for the job, and 2) Pengerang and Rapid are two totally different tender areas. Management clarified that the group's tenders in Rapid for more than one refinery subcontract works remain intact. We expect it to land a contract in the short term, worth up to RM500m based on a recent article in The Edge Weekly. Muhibbah could be in the running for up to c.RM1bn worth of projects in Rapid. This excludes new infra tenders in Pengerang which have emerged in the last 2-3 months.

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As I am trying to re-activate my, I will have to start to promote the page and site. Well, I will create a member only page there too, to post my trades and for recording purposes. Will also post some stock-analysis there ... and some of my e-meeting(recorded).

As market is getting hot ... I will want to do the opposite of most so-called sifu/guru. I want to discourage newbies/novices from punting into those speculative counters ... those losing money counters. Yeah ... sound kinda negative, but it is for their own good as they will get themselves GREEDIER and ... as market going to come down sharply(due to GST? due to 1MDB?) due to high risk ... many might get caught. Be aware of these, ok?

So, tonight I will talk about stocks we should not be buying if we are newbies/novices. Of coz I do know 80% of them will not listen ... after all, we only have 20% non-losers in any given markets, right?

You see ... when things are NOT as it seen to be ... these so-called sifu/guru aka sales-people will be trying to draw us to their points, making things more complicated so that newbies being confused and we think that is the only correct as it is given by an expert? Haha

Listen to the simple clip above, newbies. Don't be so naïve ... if all those indicators salesmen telling you that you need SEVEN indicators, in line with BUY signals ... and then, u are believing those signals? THINK ... if that is so simple, don't you think so they would have done that trade well, and perhaps ... get rich?

You are the EXPERT.

Serious issue in trading/investing. It seems that everyone want an easy way out. Why cant we learn first ... see what is possible and alternatives. Then, see if that is LOGICAL to us, ... rather than taking their words in total. PERHAPS ... they are selling you their software? PERHAPS ... they are selling you a sure-win stock tips(and they wont buy it themselves, right? Must give to u, and you pay for that?).

PERHAPS ... they earn commission from your trades, if u win or lose?

PERHAPS it is time to use common-sense that is NOT there?

Welcome to stock-market ... where SEVEN lines could be drawn perpendicular to each other ... and we can draw a straight line, in the shape of a kitten? Haha.

Listen to the clip, you will UNDERSTAND why so many suckers buying softwares, paid thousands in those trading courses ... or even paid for stock-tips. Oh yes, by the way ... I will be having a trading workshop this weekend( )... to explain WHY it is silly to believe those salesmen. Attend those preview talks, perhaps JOIN them(pay your thousands, please) ... perhaps, you might know what I mean.

Task : Try to draw 7 lines ... and they must be perpendicular to each other, ok? Perpendicular = right angled = 90 degree = sudut tepat = 90 darjah.

Have a nice day.


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