Sunday, November 16, 2014

We are all geniuses

Hypnosis of geniuses : Passion, obsession and much work behind the successes shown. We could only see the end-results, but hours and hours of daily drills ... to master a skill.

I used to wake up 4.30-5am in the morning ... everyday, including Sat/Sun when I was in KK. I trained my brain to think differently. I was a finance-idiot who knew NOTHING about finances. So, I will have to work much harder than anyone else to be in a fair playing ground.

I was a science-based person ... teaching Math for years. So, to speak about commodities, demand-supply, operational cost, depreciation ... to understand inflation, currency war, carry-trade ... zero interest rate, quantitative easing, GDP ... national debt, central banks? De-valuating of currencies ... stock-markets, IPOs ... right-issues, private placement ... syndicates, operators ... to the technical charting of stocks ... chart patterns, trading systems ...

All these were sound VERY alien to me who don't know anything much about saving-earning-investing some 7-8 years ago.

So, when I decided to CHANGE my MINDSET ... I worked extremely hard to force myself. What do I do in the first place to plan to be a trader ... one day? Yeah ... the one day is here TODAY. The day I could called myself a trader ... tho I m very much still in NOVICE level.

To many old readers, who have been following my posts for past 4-6 years, they will see the improvement in my trades : FA and TA wise. I started with FA ... and still strong believe we ALL should only trade good fundamental stocks! That is what being shared with my trading group. We just bought PChem as the support is RM5.35 ... so, buying nearing to 5.35 was a trade being PLANNED when it was diving from RM5.80. I bought earlier at RM5.57 ... all the way down to RM5.36.

Yes, good fundamental stocks ... low could still go lower due to some change in fundamentals. For example, the low price of crude-oil will affect the profit-margin in many O&G companies. That is the worry now for those in the industry. But if we could buy PChem  nearing to support RM5.35, our risk is LOW ... as we could exercise cut-loss if below RM 5.30 level, right? But the reward ... the upside, the rebound is much higher.

Trading good fundamental companies using technical charts for entry. That is what I m doing and learning to do.

MOST of those speculative punting counters could not use technical. Those signals failing most of the time. Put all the indicators as u wish ... if only it is that easy?

Give yourself TIME to develop a good mindset. Start with read good books about how to have a good mindset ... and learn to screen only good fundamental stocks(profiting companies, good dividend yield) ... then, learn charting for entry and exit.

SO ... we all think we are geniuses, right? Then ... learn for hours ... learn it well. Start it well. Learn from experiences and mistakes. And continue to improve. That is how I think I could be a better trader, one day.

Invest in ourselves. We are the greatest asset. OUR LOGICAL BRAIN. Buy those good books ... read till many idea embed in our system ... then, we could do many things more "natural". Remember ... no such thing as short-cut. Pay good money in YOURSELF. Don't bother to pay those thousands of dollars to trading workshop(heck, most trainers not even active traders) ... for worst, believing in software to trade on our behalf(heck .. it is just a tool, ok?). And paid hundreds per month for stock-tips(heck .. if that is get-rich-quick mentality asking us to buy penny speculative stocks, you better get out and run fast).

Because we all are born geniuses ... we certainly deserve better to improve ourselves. We certainly know what really works ... and what is not. We just need to be rational and THINK.

To help newbies to START ... and start it ''right'' with right mindset is NOT easy. As newbies, we do not understand how risky trading is. So, get a good mentor!! Not someone asking you to punt/gamble.

Get that brain of ours wired again ... and have a nice Sunday ahead.

off to do some geniuses work. haha


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