Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trading Mistakes : Extended

Last night I had a good audience ... talking about Trading Mistakes by newbies/novices.

Simple summary : Never touch these "things"

1. PN17 stocks(potential to be de-listed)

2. Losing money companies(every quarters bleeding)

3. Over-valued stocks(up few hundreds percent)

4. Buying cyclical stocks(at peak)

5. China-stocks(polished balance sheets)

6. Call-warrants(short expiry, not liquid)

7. Pump and Dump(speculative ones)

Yes ... if we should write these down if we are newbies(less than 3-5 years in market). This is to protect us from the down-turn in markets and not getting burnt or lose too much. LOSING IS A CERTAINTY if you are new in markets.

Buy good fundamental stocks. Learn FA first ... stocks are BUSINESSES. Buy those giving us dividend ... then, learn TA for entry on these good stocks.

Will give examples for each ... and will have another session of similar e-market talk to those interested. Planning this Friday night ... see how.

Join here :

Note : For newbies who believe in being a good trader only.


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