Thursday, November 06, 2014

Time to take a break.

morning ... glad that I went for morning cycle after .. emm ... 2 months of break?

Exercise ... I need. Been being lazy ... and excuses-excuses ... not to get up and sweat!!

As it is very volatile now, trading could becoming so short term.

So, today I m going to take a rest ... my new sofa(for watching movie in my office) is coming in today and lunch appointment with a trader(who came for my trading workshop recently). Then, a tuition class ... dinner ... no e-meeting tonight as I simple want to be lazy ...

ok ... want to talk a little about FEAR which I m trying to create in ANY newbies.

Newbies : A person who are new in markets and in my definition, if you are less than 3 years in trading, you are a newbie. If you reached my level(knowledge wise) ... welcome to novice level.

IFCA is today hot-stock ... and will be a history, unpopular in months/years to come ... we all human tends to forget our mistakes and re-do the similar mistakes, chasing the hot stocks up as we do not want to miss out ...

SKPetrol : At 3.22 now ... hit 3.14 yesterday low. That is a strong support not to be broken. Huge volume yesterday ... see if could rebound from here ... I am avoiding O&G at the moment ... watching ...

Crude Oil is at 75 now ... as they are talking about US becoming exporter soon!! Arab lower the oil-price too ... so, that is good for consumers, right? NO ... not in Malaysia ... in fact, our gov just INCREASED 20cents (about 10%) of the price ... amazing economics and biz-deal which ... well ... we could never understand why? Endless possibilities ...

Going to watch a movie at home : MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (I) starred Tom Cruise.

e-meeting : Planning to have another e-meeting next Tuesday night for my blog-readers ... and to create FEAR further to newbies. Hmm ... it is needed as many in the greed mode plus NO KNOWLEDGE about trading, they will get burnt(80% chances ... smile now if u still in top 20% profiting traders).

Cheap mindset is something get into my nerve ... next Tuesday will talk about another 5 common mistakes.


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