Friday, November 14, 2014

THHeavy-wa : Is it cheap?

Morning ... DOW hitting fresh new high but KLCI continue to be lagging behind ... don't worry, we must believe in BURSA-boleh as we are in a land where everything boleh. Forget about the logic ... what valuation are you talking about? And heck with the target prices given to us ... buy-sell, no one will care about our money, anyway.

I had another e-meeting last night ... everyday talking, my audience could hear my voices in their sleep by now. Haha ... telling them about the importance of CUT-LOSS ... about the danger being a newbie/novice as we all shared similar issues of emotional-instability and without rational senses attached. haha ... i do like to talk, i guess .. tho I was very tired yesterday. At times .. I wish I could just rest ... and should not be so dedicated. How many of them out there will listen ... and appreciate what we are trying to do, right? And ... it is like a community service.

So .. am I going to have another e-meeting? What am I going to talk about this time? The danger of reading from forum and be a sucker? Next Wednesday ... I am going to make a repeat talk about why newbies NOT supposed to touch "7 sinful "types of stocks". Because we do not know what we are buying ... get-rich-quick mentality need to be CHANGED.

Example : THHeavy-wa

This gap-up from 39cents to 45 and above, with huge volume will ATTRACT those punters, get-rich-quick and ini-kali-huaaat-ar mentality to be in excited mode ... and jumped into her.

Then ... don't know why, from no where ... it dropped from 40plus cents to below 12cents. Hmm ... how to cut-loss?

Cheap 10cents stock? And still being ignorant of what we are buying? They said ... NEWBIES are pure ignorant. They are SUCKED inside the greed-system and the price we paid is much greater than ANYTHING else ... and WHY are we NOT educated first before moving to stock-market?

Because ... we are MISLEAD by many so-called sifu/guru asking us to buy this and that, without telling us when to sell and/or why we buy. Face it ... the blame is US ... ourselves. So, if you are VERY NEW to market, better LISTEN and be warned. You are in the sucker-game ... where someone want to SELL you their products, softwares and want to earn the commissions! If you think they care, THINK AGAIN. You are blinded by GREED.

From 12cents .. it went to 2.5cents yesterday ... must be cheap? The volume was so huge ... and LAST MINUTE PANIC SELLING ... that is 70% drop again ... pain? That is the price of NEWBIES and NOVICE paying in buying into such cheap-stocks, without any knowledge.

Today it drops to 2cents ... from 2.5cents to 2cents .. ouch. But, these PUNTERS and gamblers .. have different mindset. They will prefer to bet on buying 2cents, sell 2.5 cents. That is .. like buy a 20cents stocks, going to 25cents ... or the RM2 counter to RM2.50 ... in few days?? They forgotten that ... what if it closes at 1.5cents? Or 10cents? Why not?

It is going to expire soon.

Expire? What do you mean? Expire? What happen if expire? You mean, THHeavy will be de-listed?

If you are asking such question, you must be VERY VERY new in market. That is a warrant, expiring in mid-Dec with 13% premium at the moment. Ask your broker if they asked you to buy. Ask them about premium or after expired what happen, ok?

Ok ... you made a mistake in buying THHeavy-wa at 45cents when it jumped. I do not wish to rub it on ... and to be honest, I do not find pleasure in our people's pain. I am just hit on our painful point, hoping that somehow ... one day, we will be sensible and taking learning more seriously. DO NOT be a sucker ... and believe that you will get rich coming to stock-market.

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