Friday, November 21, 2014

That sinking feeling ... again

KLCI is dropping 12 points. I managed to short FKLI yesterday, and triggered my profit-taking.

Longed FKLI 1811 done. FKLI is very very volatile and risk ... every one point is RM50. So, 10 points going against our predicted direction will cost us RM500. We can short FKLI to hedge against our equities.

Yes ... that sinking feeling yet again ... as all worrying of the recent dropped to 1770 level. This time, will it break 1800 again?

CIMB and Petdag broken support and heading lower today.

PetDag : Trading at 17.50 level now, it broken RM18 today. That is about 4-5% drop in a day!! Wow ... wait for signals ... buy.

could it be because of this piece of news? Now we will be squeezed. With GST coming ... we have to thank of VERY in-efficient government. Well, at least they are corruption-free.

Another culprit is CIMB, broken RM6 yesterday. Are they going to support the price at RM5.50?

DNex ... hit 40cents level resistance and at 32cents now. Will it sink below 30cents level?

Feel the sinking ship now?

KNM : The fav of many ... last month, someone from i3 came for my e-meeting, asked me about KNM. I asked him/her to sell as this is not for newbies. Next support 50cents. If PetDag is also diving ... what is KNM?

AMBank : Gapped down on 12th Nov ... I dared myself to buy at RM6.35 and selling would be at RM6.55, for profit taking.

And since I sold my banking AMBank and Affin too ... I want CIMB now.

How about Takaful that once I like much?

Takaful : Oversold ... watching for entry.

Yes ... I prefer to buy these stocks ... CIMB, Takaful ... AMBank ... BJToto(entry was below RM3.40 ... now RM3.50, sell RM3.60)

Not PDZ ... or XOX ...

PDZ is giving many that sinking feeling ... I received few e-mail asking me about their portfolio and most of them have PDZ or Sumatec in their losing portfolio. Others .. such as Iris, KNM ... Nextgram, Kinstel, Frontken ... such cap-ayam la.

Tmr I will have to emphasize in my trading workshop again ... never to touch cap-ayam lousy stocks.

KLCI down 13 points today.

Time to go for cycling ...


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