Friday, November 28, 2014

TGIF : Penang Trip tmr

Morning ... it is a nightmare for those holding to O&G counters and we do need to cut-loss or average it down.

I posted this page days ago ... when I have my e-meeting about motivation, doing whatever it takes to be successful in whatever we wish to achieve. In my case, to build my tuition-biz and being a good trader/trainer.
Ok ... KLCI dropped due to the plunge in crude oil-price. Below USD70 now ... and noises telling us it is going to USD60? Err ... fear enough to BUY?
Armada : Trading at new low ... 1.15 now. Hitting low 1.12 just now.
UZMA : Dropping 10% to 2.20 now. Shall check RM2.10 tonight.
SKPetrol : At 2.85, gapped down this morning to break the RM3 mark.
UMWOG : I bought her at RM3.05 before ... today dropped below RM3 too ...
PetDag : Trading at RM16.10 now. Was from RM30 ... so, we will be seeing 50% discount soon. RM15 ... sales, anyone?
Should I have an e-meeting tonight to analyse O&G counters? Ok, for my trading members only.
AAX and AirAsia up ... haha ... as now public believe the low crude oil price will reduce the cost of AAX ... eer ... yeah, AirAsia up 8% with AAX up 5%, rebound from current new low.

I am going to do such talk ... more on motivation and how we could improve, progress ... and be good in whatever we want to do. In stock-market, it will be a better trader and investor.

Genius is not born leh ... to be successful .. we need continuous practice and able to FAIL ... pick yourself again and move forward. GRIT?

That is what I am doing ... EVERYDAY ... for past 6 years. Learning to be a good trader. After few thousands of analysis ... that is how my brain is forced to be a genius?

At least 10 YEARS la ... I am in my 6th year ... and due to my laziness, I think I will only manage to achieve that 10,000 hours deliberate practice in my 15th year. Hmm ... that means, I need another 10 years to be advance level of trading?

Newbies --- first 5 years.

Novice --- 3 to 5 years(depending how we learn, who we learn from)

Intermediate --- 3 years (in the trading environment)

Advance --- 5 years more to reach there.

Now ... this is MY personal definition of newbie and novice. It is NOT the number of years one is in the field ... it is day-in-day-out of learning for that number of hours!! I have knew so so many who have many more years in market than me. But .... I was still in newbie level back then. So?? That is how huge Mr Market is. Be humble ... and learn.

INVEST IN OURSELVES before thinking of earning!! Somehow, most in stock-markets never think of that?

ok ... time for lunch ... driving up to Penang tmr morning ... reaching there around 12noon. Those wish to meet in Penang, do let me know. Thanks

Went to see the condo I am shifting to next year ... another milestone in my upgrade. It will be 1240 sq ft, from my current 930 sq ft low-average apartment. That should motivate me to work smarter and harder next year?


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