Monday, November 03, 2014

Stock Watch : SHL and Econbhd

Morning ... we are expecting 1900 soon ... so, we shall wait. At the moment, KLCI going into an overbought position soon ... and greed is coming in. So, I will prefer to keep cash and collecting slow-boring good stocks ... hmm ... such as SHL.

SHL : This is being recommended by RHB's speaker and stated that with RM300m cash in hand, this could only be under-valued. So, I am following this stock, for trading buy. This is in my portfolio and bought more today. Low volume ... quietly moving up. Nice ...

I prefer to hide in such counters, rather than chasing SMRT or DNex today.

Econbhd : Broken RM1 today ... missed her on Friday, bought today. First time trading here ... see my luck

MyEg : cut-loss as it failed to breakout, closed with bad candle last Friday. :(

Trade at your own risk. For more info, contact me and join my trading group. Most of the time, I will take a more conservative trades, as I DISLIKE the greed in those speculative ones. Those burnt last week is due to buying into such counters ... they will all lose money, if they do not know what they are doing.

Good luck.


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