Monday, November 24, 2014

Stock Watch : Petdag

morning blue ... lost again. sigh

I am very tired today as I have a long long weekend ... having my trading workshop. It was supposed to be from 2pm to 6pm ... but as usual, some stayed back to have nice chat.

One person travelled from JB ... wow. His remisier asked him to learn from me first as he a total newbie. And he is so glad he travelled to meet me. I brought him for lunch and dinner, as I like these young newbies who will listen(before they get burnt). So ... I spent hours talking to him as he had my mindset to learn and grow ... great.

My next workshop should be in Jan ... dec is a holiday month. And going to Sabah to give a market-talk around 20th Dec ...

I longed FKLI 1811 last Friday, taken profit 1821 ... that was fast, it hit 1831 level now. So, short it again. Every point is RM50 ... that is the risk trading such. Day-trade or short term is ok ... but cannot hold as we might burst our account. 10points = RM500 is a good profit to take.

PetDag : what is going on? No more subsidy means ...? Support RM16.50 next. Do not catch the falling knife. It is at RM16.66 now ... wow.

No classes today ... first day of school holiday. Bring kids to jalan-jalan later ... to cure my Monday Blue ...

Have a nice day ahead. zzzz


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