Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pump and Dump

PUMP and DUMP ... how to manipulate stocks.

GPharos : A good example of how stocks being pushed up for some reasons ... but collapse after that.

XOX : I received an e-mail from a reader some 2 weeks ago, asking my opinion if he should cut huge losses or hold to it. I did not reply to the e-mail but asked him to add into my FB page, and I will share some basic common-sense in investing/trader. How this stock is listed? We never will know ... but this is not a good pump-n-dump example.

Harvest : The ultimate pump-n-dump and MANY still trapped inside ... guess what? NEWBIES and PUNTERS still trading her ... perhaps waiting for HARVEST-ing time one fine day ... DO NOT TOUCH la.

Amedia : This is one good story ... to be listed in main-board blah-blah ... when they dump, many trapped with huge losses. Some STILL holding to AMedia in the portfolio and don't know what to do about it? What do u expect now?

DVM : Look at the SPIKES ... you greedy stupid gamblers. You have your OWN to blame for being ignorant, pure greed ... and thought u could profit? Do not blame anyone else if you got caught in DVM ...

and many many more ...

If you are above 50years old or retiree, PLEASE HELP YOURSELF. Get out of gambling in those penny stocks, stop punting with your so-called guru/sifu who giving you LOUSY STUPID stocks where they are HOT ... if you do not know how to run with small losses ... who are you blaming? And you STILL do the similar MISTAKES again and again ... and believing in the similar TIPS from forums, remisiers, stock-tips groups .. sure-win market-tips?

Wake up before you lose MORE money. Your greediness and putting your logic behind is making many more WOLVES in stock-market industry. Remisiers/dealers earning your fees whenever u trade. Make sure you get responsible and good remisier/dealer. You are paying them their fees. If your remisier giving your those stocks above or more LOUSY over-valued, goring stocks .. time for you to move on and leave them.

Anyone trying to con retirees into buying those pump-n-dump stocks, I believe they should have some conscience tho I know they are in the biz of profiting from stupidity of those lazy-greedy retirees.

So ... wake up, ok? MANY stocks in your hands (some of them holding more than 10 pennies and bleeding more than 50%, some in coma ... ) ... if they are not generating you INCOME or PROFITS, you are doing it ALL wrong. Time to sell all .. get out of share-market and play with your grand-kids, perhaps?

I do get upset with many e-mail me with their list of stocks, asking me what they should be doing about them. Then ... I will be blunt here ... ASK those who asked you to buy in the first place. If you do not know what HARVEST is doing ... will you buy? Do you think HWGB is Genting? THINK ... thinking needs BRAIN .. a sensible and logical BRAIN .. which, unfortunately ... majority DO NOT HAVE.

I will want to have a e-meeting to talk about pump-n-dump ... but most cheap-mindset what everything free?

Have a nice weekend ... look at your portfolio and THINK.


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