Friday, November 21, 2014

My focus in 2015

It is 3am ... I just ter-woke-up as I ter-sleep early. Last night no e-meeting after like almost everyday giving lecture. Haha ...

Cohort-14 : This weekend, I will have a group to share some pointers in my basic trading workshop. I don't know when will be the next one ... if I m free. Planning for one in Jan before CNY, then I will be very busy with my tuition classes till July?

Penang trip : I am going to have a good lunch with some of my trading-kaki next weekend(Saturday) . Yes ... those in Penang, we can meet for lunch next Saturday(on me, no worry) but you need to let me know earlier. So far, there will be 8 of us.

Langkawi trip : I will be giving a short market talk in this nice Island on Sunday(4pm) ... and have nice seafood dinner.  : It is time for me to check on the dormant site, which I am planning to keep my trade records there ... some trades I have taken (good or bad) and also for members to check on the trades. Yes, I hope to utilize the site as it is a waste. It shall contain ... a public page(a blog) and a member-only page. I will post some e-meeting clips too. : An open page for me to share my activities. Do click on it and LIKE my page. Thanks : A closed group for my blog readers, sharing of resources such as motivational clips, investment/trading articles and such. It will be free for public. Just don't call me sifu/guru, ok?

These are related to my trading activities. I do hope to be more organize next year as I know I m such a disorganize person. Haha ... I do hope to join few trading-training next year too ... to learn and improve myself. Yes, we are all in learning stage as market is too large for us to grasp. I am a slow learner ... but I will persist on.

When I learn something, I will share in my closed group. I will give opinions and hope members will share theirs too. That is how I learn and grow ...

I am humble that I do have many followers. I do hope I wont disappoint them ... as I do wish to make myself more relevant ... yes, I have a child in me(been like ... always) ... and I do like playing with kids. I like simple things.

I dislike quarrels, disputes ... and create a hostile situation. So, being a so-called public figure, I have to toe the lines which I DO NOT like. I prefer to be free and independent. But, my opinions becoming ... emm .. heavier on shoulder as I realized there are followers .... and I might un-intentionally influence them. I hope it is a good influence tho.

I am not a motivational sifu/guru either ... I just want to motivate MYSELF, in my writings and doings. It is to encourage everyone to be to motivated, persistence and work-hard. Here, in my blog ... I am just writing about my Trading Adventure, how I came from the newbie zero-level to my current novice level. My struggles ... my failures and successes. I am still seeing a long learning journey in me, while creating those groups or pages, I am still hoping to learn from many.

I need to mention that this is not my main "biz" that I am focusing ... it is just out of pleasure of being a teacher. So, I have no intention to compete with anyone out there. I want to do things MY WAY ... and like it or not, that is not my control/choice. We all need to have our own likings and ... if we dislike or disagree ... we just need to move on.

This is what I am focusing in. My own wiring ... need some clearing up. haha. I want to focus in my main biz --- TUITION. From renting tuition spaces to teachers, giving tuition personally, employing tutors for my tuition centers ... employing some workers to run my centers, to expand another center next year ... and create a website(blog and facebook) to promote my tuition-biz.

So ... that is my main things up in my head. While I will still check market in daily basis, and sharing with my group ... protect their interests. That explain why my group is cheap(fees) as it is my second-task in my busy schedules. I want my trading-journey to be shared with many newbies, and they will learn about what it takes to be a trader.

I have quit my full-time teaching since July 2014. It is taking this few months to shape what I needed to focus in coming 2015. Yes, I am preparing for 2015 ... mentally. I am also planning a trading space(those wish to trade together in the morning?) ... and a traders meeting(those wish to meet, yam-char to talk about their experiences) ... while I will be learning about public-speaking!!

Correct .. public-speaking as I am very bad in that. Haha ... I do not have patient with my audience, especially talking about share-market. Yeah .. it is a place where many simply refuses to use their logic(covered by GREED). So, I will like to organize more free public-talk, in the view of educational sharing. Hey, Bursa ... I am taking small bit part of the responsibility now ... in educating retailers. Yes ... we retailers are not always the losers to those operators. I am going out to spill some beans.

Toastmaster Club : I joined this last weekend. It is a good experience, seeing how some people learning to speak publicly. It is giving us the butterflies and the bees in out stomach. I definitely need to improve my English ... vocab, grandma ... punctuations and expressions. Heck ... everything about public speaking as I have been doing it all wrong. Haha. Here I wish to thank a FB friend, Ricky for inviting me to his toastmaster club. Thanks.

This is one excellent one. Admired him. The message too.

With the care-taker lady in the Rawang home. She said I am the very rare Chinese to contribute to her orphanage. She got aids from neaby masjid and recently, from UIA.

With the care-taker of a home for 40 boys. Education is what they needed, to get out of poverty and feeling of dis-owned.

I noticed that I wore the same t-shirt this year for both occasions? haha.

Charity : This is another small part of my busy lives that I will like to extend out to ... to form a fund-raising group, getting some volunteers to help me in reaching out for some under-privileged kids(homes) and bringing some cheers to those kids ... and that will give me the cheer in my heart that I needed. So, do leave me alone and do not judge me on my quest ... it is not something new to me. I started with my groups/org since I graduated 25 years ago. WorldVision, Purelife Society, Ozanam, WAO, Be-freinders, Hospis to name a few that I have volunteered and help. I was personally financially tight back then ... and promised myself to go back to contribute when I am doing OK financially ... we do not wait for us to be rich to donate, u know. I have known so many great human ... they are rich INSIDE them, not financially. So ... to do charity, we MUST have the passion for our cause.

So ... please leave me alone. Do not judge me if you do not know what I am doing, do not know me in person ... and un-fairly seeing only one-side of me. I do need my energy and focus to do what I wanted to carry out ... as I am planning for my 2015. Yes, I will be busier than when I was teaching in Taylor's college ... and making my dreams into reality!

So, I have to do the work.

It is almost 4.30 am now ... I do need to take a rest.



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